January Challenge Group RESULTS

Can I get a virtual HIGH FIVE to all the January 21 Day Challengers?!

Just LOOK at these freaking results, y’all!

january challenge

23 folks reported results.   Those numbers — can you believe it???   23 people lost a TOTAL of 181 pounds and 139 inches.

There were even more folks who chose not to report, but hung right in there with us.

I can’t say enough great things about each and every person in this challenge group.   Each day they made a decision to choose the right foods, workout and report in how their day went.

Every. Single. Day.

For 21 days.

Dang.   PROUD COACH right over here.

I want to point out that it isn’t always about the scale or measurements.   Sometimes we just need the encouragement.  Sometimes we are looking to gain muscle.  Sometimes we just want to be a part of a team effort.  Camaraderie.   There is plenty to gain from participating in a challenge group.   I asked for folks to give me some non-scale victories as well…

I feel lean!

My clothes are baggy!  I have no idea if I lost inches since I didn’t measure myself, but my clothes tell me I did!

I am seeing some muscles peek through.   EEK!

I feel better overall.

So happy to exercise!

Baby steps – I am getting there.  This helped me get started. 🙂


And, this…  

I feel my biggest success is that I’m starting to live again… I lost my husband last April and since then I have just been existing. I needed to get out of that mode for myself and our 17 year old son. I’m so glad Jordan answered my questions a few weeks ago and encouraged me to try. It’s a difficult road but for the first time in a very long time I’m thinking of myself and making things better for us. I’m so proud of myself. Baby steps will get me healthy and back to living again. I’m so glad I joined!


This is what makes it all worth it.

This is what is important.

This is why I love what I do.


And now for the individual shout-outs.

  • Stacie
    • 9 inches
  • Laura
    • 3 lbs & 12 inches
  • Erin
    • 6 lbs & 6.5 inches
  • Kathy
    •  16 lbs & 9 inches
  • Jennifer
    • 10 lbs & 8.5 inches
  • Niki
    • 7 lbs & 8 inches
  • Chris
    • 13 lbs & 12 inches
  • Diane
    • 6 lbs & 5.5 inches
  • Shelly
    • 12 lbs & 14 inches
  • Kristy
    • 9 lbs
  • Katie
    • 7 lbs & 5 inches
  • Jennifer
    • 4 lbs & 11 inches
  • Jennifer
    • 6 lbs
  • Sam
    • 6 lbs & 5 inches
  • Jennifer
    • 10 lbs
  • Kendi
    • 10 lbs & 4 inches
  • Nancy
    • 10 lbs & 7.5 inches
  • Whitney
    • 5 lbs
  • Andrea
    • 6 lbs & 6.5 inches
  • Connie
    • 7.5 lbs & loose clothes
  • Kalyn
    • 6 lbs & 5 inches
  • Scott
    • 16.5 lbs & 6 inches
  • Paige
    • 5 lbs & 4.5 inches


To the January Challengers … Congrats!

You are on your way to making 2015 your best yet.   


Team Fit Focused

Are YOU ready to take the challenge?   

Let’s start the conversation.   ↓

December 21 Day Challenge Results

December 1st-21st I embarked on a 21 day clean eating and exercise routine with a few other folks.   Together we retrained our brain on the proper food portion sizes, we learned what clean eating looks like, we completed the same workouts (from the comfort of our own homes) and conquered some pretty steep goals.

Are you ready to hear the individual results of pounds and inches lost?

Drum Roll please……


HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of them have made comments about how much better they feel eating natural foods.    All of them have new clothes on their list.   All of them loved the workouts because they focused on the total body (think squats with arm raises, weighted jumping jacks, weighted lunges).

For an Insanity lover and teacher – I even loved the workouts. 

They were a perfect contrast… and YES… I did the workouts in addition to my teaching schedule.   I just adjusted my food intake as necessary.

So, what exactly is the 21 Day Challenge?    It’s a three week at-home workout program.  It’s not only designed to get you looking as good as you can get in just 21 days, it’s also about teaching you how to eat healthier.

I know SO MANY people (including myself) that get on the workout bandwagon with ease, but the proper eating is way off base.  If you are one of those that reaches for a handful of chips with your turkey sandwich, you are doing it wrong.   If you are reaching for frozen dinners or skipping lunch, you are sabotaging your progress.  It is all about eating the proper amounts of lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, grains.   This 21 program trains you not only how to eat, but also the what and how much to get the results you want.

I don’t think you can deny that it works looking at the individual results above.   It’s even cooler to look at it from a group effort on total pounds and inches lost:


The Lowdown

  • 21 days
  • 30 minute workouts – 7 days a week (all on dvd)
  • Portion Control Eating System
  • Recipes
  • Online coaching and accountability system from your coach.


Let’s Do this Together!

Free BB Account

Free Membership Benefits Include:

  • Fitness coaching
  • Message boards
  • Exclusive FREE bonus workout DVDs
  • Lower shipping rates
  • Online goal tracker, fitness & nutrition tips, healthy recipes, and more

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How to Order the 21 Day Fix

21 day fix essential package1. The 21 Day Fix essential kit is reasonably priced at $59.85. Here is the link to order through Team Beachbody which offers the best price online.  Order via me or one of my coaches and you will get you the Dirty 30 bonus workout for free –  link to order.

2. Another option for ordering is the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack, which includes the essential kit and a bag of Shakeology shipped on Home Direct (monthly auto-ship). The HD shipping is a discounted shipping charge that you cancel at any time. The Challenge Pack price is $160 and can only be ordered through a Team Beachbody link. This equals about a $60 savings than ordering individually.

Purchasing the items separately would cost:

  • 21 Day Fix base kit – $59.85 (value)
  • Shakeology flavor of your choice on HD – $129.95 (value)
  • Bonus workout DVD Plyo Fix – $19.95 (value)
  • Free 30-day trial to the Team Beachbody Club – $11.96 (value)

The next 21 Day Challenge Group starts on January 5th!

That entire week is a prep week so there is plenty of time for you to get ordered and ready to go.   You MUST go through myself or one of my coaches in order to take part in our challenge and accountability group.   You can message me on Facebook (Jordan Pirtle) or find one of my coaches:  Kayla, Jen, Jessi or Katy.    I won’t do last names on this post – but if you know me, chances are you might know them, so reach out to whoever you are most comfortable with!  🙂

What do you have to lose?!?!?!



Fastest Pace Yet

My lower back is all sortsa out-of-whack.  I have to see my Chiro two times a month.   I missed my regular appointment two weeks ago.   Bad news.   Very Very Bad News.  Now I am behind and paying for it.  And speaking of paying for it, WHY do Chiro’s have to be so damn expensive?!   I calculated what they make an hour based off my monthly rate and the 5 minutes they spend with me.  All I can say is, they aren’t hurting for money.  =/

Anyway, back to my point.

Sitting down sucks.  Hello compressed spine. 

Bending over sucks.  Squat baby, squat.

Laying down sucks.  Sleeping on an ice pack helps, but rolling over?   That’s a whole other story.

Standing feels ok.  But only after about 2 minutes of being hunched over and slowly but surely straightening out. 

Running.  Ya, I can hear your scolding comments now.  But, I went running.  I told you, standing feels just fine once I am up!

And ya know what is even more weird?   I had one of my best averages.   What the What?


I averaged an 8:52 mile pace for 4.5 miles. 

My normal happy place is 9:30.

This makes no sense to me.  None.  

I guess the fresh fall air in my lungs combined with the warm sun and open trail just made my body happy.

Did I do more harm to my back?  I don’t think so.  Felt fine the rest of the day as long as I was up and moving.   The second I sat down though, forget about it.   Pain.  Just sharp throbbing pain.  Nothing new.

Back to chiro tomorrow.  I’ve got a full class load to teach this week.  Ain’t NOBODY got time for a broken back.

Until then I’ll stick to this suggestion – but I’ll take Vodka, thanks.




Tranformations Take Time – My Two Years

Transformations take on many different shapes and sizes.

  • Physical Transformation
  • Emotional Transformation
  • Psychological Transformation
  • Social Transformation

Two and a half years ago I set out on a physical transformation.   Little did I know that the process would also take me on an emotional and psychological journey as well.

I had never been a ‘fit’ girl.  Growing up, no one would have called me athletic either.   I am not competitive or aggressive in the manner that is required in sports.  I was active, but not overly active.  I was interested in fitness, but never followed through. I became NETA certified and taught aerobics and weight training at my hometown gym in my early twenties, but let it go around the age of 24.

I went through a major life change at 25 that put me in a new city, newly single, no job and away from the only lifestyle I had known.   There was nothing wrong with my “old life”.  In fact, most people would have found it comforting and right on track with a normal life progression.  I was surrounded by good people, family, a nice country home and the start of a good career.

But for me, I needed change.

I was longing for something different outside of my small hometown.   And so, at 25 I set out for the new.   My “new life” provided a few challenges, but it was also the best decision I had ever made for myself.   My new life gave me new freedoms, a new career, a new degree path, new focus, new friends, old friends,  late nights and a lot of parties.

 Life. Was. Good.  

And I was eating it all up.




I was comfortable.  I met my now-husband after moving to the city and we grew our circle of friends together.   We lived the rock star lifestyle, if you will.  He worked weekends at a bar.  I frequented the bar with my girlfriends.   We ate bad food, drank far too much and lived it up.


Clint loved me regardless of my size, weight and always came back with “you are beautiful” when I would stand in front of my mirror trying on multiple outfits, never happy with what I saw.

I had become so unhappy with how I looked and felt. 

December of 2011 I decided I had enough.   I was tired of hating the way my clothes felt.  I was tired of hiding in the corner when we went out because I hated the way I looked.  I was tired.

January 2012 New Years Resolution –  Kick my exercise habits in gear.

Knowing my lack of follow-through on anything fitness related, I knew I needed something with structure.   I researched quite a few home videos before ordering TurboFire.   I chose Turbo for its fun rhythms, kickboxing undertones and the structured 8 count.   The cheerleader and music teacher in me knew I’d fall in love with this program.   Once I fell in love, I knew I could stick with it.


I’ll be honest.  The first few weeks were rough.   Finding the TIME was difficult.  Finding the ambition after a long work day was torture.

But, I did it.

I made my ‘basement workouts’ a part of my daily life.



Once I got the fitness part down, tackling the nutrition came next.   And this was and still is the hardest part for me.   I began to incorporate more protein, limit the carb intake to my early meals, limit the sugar and add in more vegetables.   I also started to incorporate Shakeology in my diet, just like I was told to via TurboFire.

See, sometimes I DO follow orders!  😉

 I have to disclose that I did NOT use this as an entire meal replacement nor did I drink it daily.  Sometimes shakes gross me out!   I used my shakes as either a meal 2 or 4.   Why?   Because of the nutrition content.   Never once did I replace a lunch or dinner.  That game just isn’t for me.

So, what about my Turbo results?  

Down an overall 8 inches and 13 pounds.

I was on a ROLL!

I felt good, I was looking better, my confidence was building, I enjoyed shopping a little more, much to the dismay of my wallet.

And I was LOVING working out.  It had become my addiction.

No, better yet…


Fast forward to January 2013.   I set a goal to run my first half-marathon.

I kept it a secret from everyone for a long time.


Fear of Failure

I won’t get in the story of my training, as you can read it here.  What did happen is I followed through, I conquered, I cried, I laughed, I LIVED!

photo 3


So, what about this two year transformation?

Physical:  Down an overall 13 inches and 20 pounds.

Psychological: A changed mindset.  I COULD do things I never thought I could before.

Physical, Psychological, Emotional and Personal:  I became a Nationally Certified Fitness Instructor through AFAA and also became certified in TurboFire and Insanity formats.


photo 1


Who knew in two short years I would gain the confidence to stand in front of a class again and TEACH?   My physical transformation took on a whole new life.

Transformations Take Time

1 year it took me to get hooked on fitness.

1 year it took me to lose and maintain a 13 pound loss.

1.25 years it took me me to run a half-marathon.

1.5 years it took me to gain the confidence and courage to study, test and become AFAA certified to teach group exercise classes

1.5 years it took me to become certified in TurboKick

2 years it took me to lose 20 pounds.

And guess what?

2 months this last summer it took me to add 7 pounds back on.

But, you know what?

That’s ok.  I know where I faltered.  Nutrition.   It’s a tough game to play.   And this Harley chick loves Vodka, Burgers, Fries and Beer.

You know what else?   I have already lost 3 of that 7.

And one more thing…

The scale means NOTHING.

It’s only part of the story.

So, what now?

No, I am still not the media’s definition of physically fit.  I could still stand to drop my body fat %.  I could still gain a lot by adding in weight training consistently.

BUT, physically, I CAN knock out teaching 6 classes a week.  I can still keep up, I can keep the class motivated, I can maintain proper form and crank out those advanced Insanity moves, each and every time.

Psychologically I have my head in the game.  I have a clear focus.  I am determined.  I have goals.

I have one MAJOR goal set to accomplish by December 2014.

Am I going to make it?

Ya, duh!

Am I going to tell you?

Heck NO I’m not.

I still have a fear of failure.  Who doesn’t?

I am still human, I still have flaws, I still make mistakes.

But, I am emotionally there.  Physically there.  Psychologically there.


I can’t be stopped now.