Monday Motivation – Patience

be patient

Quote Credit: Fit2Fat2Fit


I share a private Facebook page with a group of incredibly inspiring women.   We come from all different walks of life and we each have our own unique and very different goals that we are striving to reach.

But, the one thing we share is the drive to be the best ME we can possibly be.

We share stories, swap recipes, give virtual Hi-Fives, offer encouragement, help soothe the “I ate that entire cake” regrets, challenge each other with exercise circuits and provide support to each other – no matter what.   Some are incredibly active in the group.  Others are fly’s on the wall.   In whatever capacity they are participating, they are benefiting.   We all are.

I posted the above picture first thing this morning with the following words:

I hate the scale this morning. Hate it so much I took out the measuring tape. Nothing gained, nothing lost. Holding steady.

Frustrating? Yes.

Do I want to throw in the towel? Yes.

Do I want lypo? Yes (lol).

Lifestyle changes are hard. Balancing it all is harder. Starting off the day negative only leads to more negativity.

I’m reminding myself I’m athletic. That’s never a word I would have used 5 years ago to describe myself. I can kill an insanity routine followed by a weight session.

I may have fat. But I’M not fat.

Tell yourself something positive today.

And note: things are changing within you whether you see them or not.


I was very frustrated this morning, but I refused to allow those frustrations dictate my day.   Negativity breeds negativity.  Body shaming is something we all struggle with and the one thing we have got to get control of as strong, independent women.

In true fashion, a few of the ladies chimed in with words of encouragement and similar feelings.

One thing they have all said so far is:  I needed to hear that.

Find something you like about yourself and say it out loud.  Give yourself a pat on the back.

Change takes patience, time and focus.

Like the picture says:   things are happening behind the scenes.

Trust the process, give yourself a Hi-Five and keep on moving.



Self-Reflection and The Impact of Achieving Goals

2013 was a very important year for me.

It was my year of change.  My year of setting goals and conquering the heck out of them.  It was my year to truly see what I was capable of achieving.

As I sat here this evening looking ahead at my 2014 goals and what I had set out to accomplish, I was met with a series of doubts.

Admittedly, I have fallen off track on some of my goals for this year.  Lost focus and ambition.  Doubts.  Fears.

As I was sorting through my thoughts, I found myself doing some serious self-reflection.

I started with January 2013.

My first major goal set for 2013 was to complete a half marathon.  What a major goal that was for me.  A non-runner, in all aspects of the word running, to finishing a half-marathon.  I set the standard high and I achieved.


I realize now how much of an impact accomplishing that ONE goal had on me and how it set into motion all of these other completely incredible events.

I also realize that fear had gripped me for too many years and held me back from making my dreams my reality.

1)  I wanted to step in front of the classroom and teach fitness classes again.

My mind told me I was too chubby.  Who would take me seriously? 

I am too nervous in front of groups of people I don’t know.  I’ll choke.

2) I wanted to complete a Mud Run.

My mind told me that running through mud and water would make my shorts stick to me.  And even worse, that my thighs would make my shorts ride up.  I’d constantly be messing with my clothes!

3) I wanted to become nationally certified again in the fitness industry. 

My mind told me people would judge me.  I don’t look fit enough to lead and inspire others.

4) I wanted to complete a half-marathon

My mind didn’t allow me to tell anyone for weeks for fear that I would fail.

Ugly thoughts.  Very self-deprecating.

Through self-reflection I realize, something changed in me the day I crossed that finish line.

I realized that I was worthy.

I was capable. 

I didn’t have to be first.  I didn’t have to have the ‘perfect’ physique.  I didn’t have to be all these things that had swarmed my head for so long.

I just had to believe in me.


I made the rest of 2013 my year.  I did things that I had held back on for so long.  I did things for me.  I inspired others and didn’t even know I did.

Mud Run?  Check.


I completed a 5K with my mom.  She says I inspired her.

When really, she inspired me.


I became TurboKick Certified

TK St Louis

I was hired at the YMCA and started teaching fitness classes again for the first time since 2006.  I quickly remembered HOW MUCH I loved it.  And missed it.  Why did I ever leave the front of that classroom?


I started this Blog to share recipes, fitness plans, my inspirations, my fears, my thoughts, my life.


I became AFAA Nationally Certified


I let my fears go.

And I let my dreams live.


Self-Reflection and the Impact of Achieving Goals.

My fears are still there, but I am keeping them in check.

My doubts will continue to fight me…..

but I am going to fight back.


What are your dreams?  Why are you holding back?

Set a goal.  Any goal.  Achieve it.

You never know what door it will open.