Monday Motivation – Keeping the Momentum

stay motivated


Remember when last week I made the statement that I was taking back my life and creating an equal work/life balance?

Well, I did it.

The gym and I have made amends.   It kicked my ass – I was sore – and it was great.

That gym and I?  We are becoming BFF’s again.

If you remember, Monday morning I got my butt up before 5am and ran to the gym, lifted and ran back home.

The rest of my week in fitness looked a little like this:


4:23am – Alarm

5:00am – Upper weights before class

5:30am – Taught the new Round 60 TurboKick

4:45pm – Taught again!  TurboKick Round 60


4:35am – Alarm

4:55am – 1.25 mile run to the Gym – Lower Weights – 1.25 Mile run back home


4:23am – Alarm

5am – Lunges, Situps

5:30am – Taught Insanity

4:45pm – Taught a second Insanity


4:45am – Alarm

5am – Slow run 1.25 mile run to the gym – That hill kicked my bootay.   Upper weights – 1.25 mile run home.


8am – Subbed for a gal at the Y.  Offered Insanity to a class of 14!


My nutrition was slightly better last week.  Sugar is still a huge deal for me.  And Diet Soda.  They are a real life struggle.  It’s a deep love the three of us have.

The weekend didn’t go so well in the nutrition area.  A lot of booze, pizza, burgers, cookies… you get the picture.   It’s summer.  I have a lot of fun.  One step at a time.


Goals This Week:


  • Make the gym every morning M-F
  • Add an early Saturday morning distance run of at least 5 miles. (which is a LOFTY goal considering Friday is my B-day and we have plans that involve liquor that evening)

Nutrition –

  • Add in a few more glasses of water each day
  • Cut back on the sugar Monday – Thursday.   What about Friday, you ask?

It’s my birthday!

I eat frosting on my birthday.

It is straight up ILLEGAL not to.


Cheers to staying on track, keeping the momentum going and accomplishing new goals.




Vega Sport Review

Thanks to my Sweat Pink Sisters and my affiliation as an ambassador, I was given the opportunity to do a #FuelYourBetter Review on Vega Sport Performance Protein.


Vega Sport


I was really excited to try the product as it is a plant based, no sugar added, dairy gluten and soy free protein supplement.  Finding a protein drink that tastes good by itself is a difficult task.   Finding one that tastes good and doesn’t contain all the chemicals and processing yuckiness is even more difficult.


Vega Sport


I was pleasantly surprised at how good this tasted by just mixing with water.  Typically I make my protein shakes with almond milk and blended with ice.   I wanted to put the Vega Sport through a true test by mixing and drinking it without the ‘doctoring’ up.     Of course, my preferred method is definitely blended in ice with milk but it is nice to be reassured that for convenience sake, this is good shaken with plain ol’ water too.




A couple more bonuses is that it is packed in individual packets making it travel friendly.  AND there are 26grams of protein in each packet plus 5,000mg of BCAA’s.   Branched-Chain Amino Acids are key in endurance and muscle repair.    Finding this in a protein drink is a win-win situation.   For more info on BCAA’s visit this website.


If you are looking for a plan based protein supplement, I highly recommend Vega Sport.   They have multiple products to choose from that will help you reach your goals.

#FuelYourBetter Review




** I was given this product for free in return for my review.  All opinions are my own.

Market to Market Iowa 2014

Apparently I like to spend my weekends running long distances.

Who am I?  



This past Saturday I added the Market to Market Iowa Relay to my list of races.    M2M is a relay race between two cities, 6-8 person teams, 75 total miles, 17 exchange points and a celebrated group finish.

It. Was. Awesome. 

We set up our groups into two 6-person teams so that each team had one person running every stage.  Having a partner turned out to be a great idea.  More time to chat and less time to focus on the rainy weather and the miles.

Meet my team:

Team Runaway Brides



And the other team


Off Like A Prom Dress

minus 1 because she was already running 



Each team had a runner 1, 2, 3, etc.  At each exchange point the runners would pass a timing chip off to the next group.  This exchange happened for 17 stages.




I was runner 3 and was teamed up with Tracy, a fellow fitness instructor.



Tracy and I found ourselves with very similar stories, which made the distances seem shorter as we had much to talk about.   We also challenged each other by running at faster paces then we normally would.   Our running distances weren’t bad at all, but when you combine the distances with long intervals of rest, your body tends to respond with stiffness.



imageTracy and I


It took us a little over 11 hours to run the 75 miles.  We managed to hit all the weather elements, minus snow.   Cold, Rain, Wind, Hot.   But, we had an absolute blast.  I only knew four of the 12 runners so it was a perfect set-up as we had so much to talk about and learn.


Highlights from Leg One


 The Starting Line




Finishing with a smile.

Seriously, what is wrong with me?



An Exchange Point



Go Jessie, Go!


Highlights of Leg Two





They’re smiling too.

We are all insane



Waiting for their exchange to happen.



Way to bring it in strong, girls!



No explanation needed, right?


Highlights of Leg Three


Last Stage for Runner 1.  Looking good!



They finished strong!



Runner 2- getting ready to hand off!



This totally looks staged, but it so wasn’t!

Stage 3… here we come.



This is my

Oh Thank God I am DONE” look

and Natalie’s

Oh, Shit, here I go AGAIN” look


For the record, Tracy and I’s third stage of 4 miles was BRUTAL.

One mile of it was all UPHILL.

Are ya kidding me?

I thought I was dying.



                       Holy Sh……



Almost Done!



Couldn’t resist a cute shoe pic…



Rach and Mac waiting for our last runners to come in so we could finish Team Strong!



This team carried that American Flag all 75 miles.





Teams:   Off Like A Prom Dress


Runaway Brides



Cheers to an EPIC race, new friends and Ice Cold Beer.

Lincoln Half Marathon- 2014

You guys…

SERIOUSLY on a high right now.


Completed my second ever Half Marathon today.


And you know what else?

I hit my PR!



That is 5 whole minutes FASTER then last year.

And you remember how I trained this go around, don’t ya?  Weekends.  I ran on the weekends and cross-trained by teaching during the week.

To say I am elated is the understatement of the YEAR.


To anyone in the Lincoln, Nebraska area….  Thank You!  You guys know how to organize a race.

I have never seen so much support for runners IN. MY. LIFE!

There were people cheering, bands playing, kids giving high-fives, water, gatorade and kleenex every step you took.  I am not kidding when I say every last stretch of that 13.1 miles was filled with someone or something.


Lincoln- you made that 13.1 miles seem like 6.   It was fantastic.


This morning started off in a little bit of a cluster.   My 4:30AM alarm didn’t happen.


What happened was my 5:21AM internal alarm clock that was FREAKING OUT!

Race-7am.  Drive time- One Hour.  Parking time and walk to starting line PLUS last minute bathroom break – OMG I am gonna be late!

Ninja like moves happened and somehow my race clothes made it on, my teeth got brushed, my lucky hat made it to my head and my race bib made its way into the car.

And off we went.

No water.  No fuel.

Usually I eat a Clif bar before a long run.  Sometimes I even have a little caffeine.   Clearly THAT wasn’t happening this morning.

Thankfully, I calmed down once we were on our way.

It was going to be ok.

We made it to Lincoln just prior to 6:30am.   Found a spot to park relatively quickly (miracle in itself), hit up the porta-pottys (a must, if you know what I’m saying…) and made my way to a spot in the middle of the pack.

In the middle of 10,500 other runners, that is.


And then the wait.



The race started at 7.  It was 7:32am by the time I made it up to the starting line.  And off I went for the most enjoyable, exhilarating, hyped up 13 miles I have EVER run.

I paced myself at around 9:30 the entire way.  Sometimes I was little faster, sometimes a little slower, but I never broke that average pace of 9:30ish.  Thanks to MapMyRun, my trusty GPS sidekick.

The final results?



Finishing inside the Nebraska stadium was pretty fantastic as well.



And my sis-in-law Jamie ran her FIRST ever Half-Marathon.  She did SO great!  Very proud of her for committing and conquering.  Way to go, Jamie!




And of course, a shout-out to my #1 supporter for getting up at the crack of dawn to drive me down to Lincoln to just ‘hang-out’ for two hours while I ran.  He’s pretty awesome.




And THAT my friends, is the end of my Lincoln Half-Marathon recap.   Will there be another?  Not sure.  Time will tell. 🙂