Weekend in Review

Time for the weekend in review!

Friday evening:

Dinner and a motorcycle ride with the hubs.


I am SO happy it is finally warm enough for two wheels.   Comfortably, that is.  🙂

My favorite summer activity is cruising back roads and exploring small towns.  You can easily find some of the best bars nestled away there.   Friday night took is through Springfield, NE where we swung into Garvey’s Pub.   Fun place and the bartender was very welcoming.  They had a killer back patio which would be perfect for some summer rides with friends!







Saturday morning started off with an early morning jog around the neighborhood.   Was able to see a gorgeous sunrise.



The afternoon was spent in my hometown of Clarinda where I was co-hosting a baby shower for my friend Erin.



Me, Kayla, Erin (the girl of the hour) and Mel


Baby shower recap coming tomorrow!

After the baby shower, Kayla and I found ourselves at the Ice House for dinner, a few cocktails and some great girl talk before heading back to her house to meet up with the boys.  A few hours of garage time and I was back on the road for Omaha!

Sadly, today has been nothing but storms and temps barely over 30 degrees.

Clint was still in Clarinda on the motorcycle so his 90 minute ride home turned into 3 hours.   He sent me this photo while taking a little pit stop in a random barn to get away from hail and massive winds.


After he finally got home, he ended up on the couch with layers of clothing and a gigantic lap dog.


I spent the day picking up the house and meal prepping.  I have my daily meals packed and ready for the next four days!

I am on a new nutrition plan after seeing a Sports Nutritionist a few weeks ago.  I’ll have to update on that some other time. 🙂


Hope your weekend was fantastic and CHEERS to a happy Monday.

4 thoughts on “Weekend in Review

  1. yay for warmer riding weather!


  2. Ok so Garvey’s Pub is owned by our friend Larry – who now lives in Antigua and works at a beach casino. So jealous of his life. But so excited you guys checked it out.

    Loving the yellow and navy in your girlfriend pic!

    And what sports nutritionist did you meet up with? I need to know and need to start meal planning. Like really need to start.



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