A 3 Year Old’s Fight Against Childhood Cancer

Meet Lexxus Crooks



Lexxus is the 3 year old daughter of Melissa and Adam; two fellow Clarinda, Iowa natives.


Lexxus is fighting cancer.   



On July 17th, 2014 the family received news they wished they never had to hear.

Treatments aren’t working and despite all efforts,

the cancer keeps spreading.


lexxus 4

Lexxus has been sent home to be loved and hugged while she continues to fight this ugly cancer on her own.

lexxus home2

Please lift Lexxus and her family up in your prayers, well wishes, good thoughts.

Whatever you’ve got.

lexxus 2


Her Story

March 2013:  Lexxus was diagnosed with Plueropulmonary Blastoma, a very rare form of childhood cancer.  Lexxus underwent surgery to remove a softball size tumor from her left lung and soon started the process of intense chemotherapy, multiple MRI and CT scans for a span of 8 months.

A week after her last round of chemotherapy, the Doctor’s found cancer had spread to her brain.  

December 15th, 2013: Lexxus had surgery to remove a quarter size tumor from her brain.

Following surgery came 25 rounds of radiation for treatment. 

December 30th, 2013: Lexxus began 5 weeks, Monday-Friday, of sedated radiation.


April 2014 : Lexxus underwent a Stem Cell Transplant


lexxus 6


June 2014: An MRI of her brain showed the cancer had spread and Lexxus went through another brain surgery on Tuesday, June 17, 2014.


July 17, 2014: Radiation followed by an MRI resulted in results showing the cancer spreading at a rapid pace.


   All treatments have been stopped and Lexxus is now home with her family.


lexxus 9

She’s a fighter and is surrounded by an entire community praying for her.

lexxus 8

What a sweet, courageous and beautiful little girl. 

Please pray for strength, comfort, peace and healing for all.



If you would like to donate directly to Lexxus’s parents, Melissa and Adam, please go to www.paypal.com and use Melissa’s information to deposit directly to her account. Her e-mail is mcrooks817@gmail.com and her number is (712) 542-0214.



To view a beautiful collection of photos by Photographer, Mallory Olenius, please visit the below links.


Lexxus Fight Albums:

Album 1: Photos by Mallory Olenius

Album 2: Photos by Mallory Olenius




Professional photos courtesy of Mallory Olenius

6 thoughts on “A 3 Year Old’s Fight Against Childhood Cancer

  1. Heartbreaking. So many prayers.


  2. Oh my how sad. What a radiant smile she has.


  3. Thanks for sharing Lexxus’ story. It really helps to have pictures to show who we have been praying for. Continuing to pray for the whole family and that they continue to receive the love and support they need for this journey.




  5. Trevor Richardson

    Lexxus’ fight ended Tuesday, September 16th, 2014. Her final resting place is Oak Grove in Clarinda, she’ll be missed by all her friends and family. -Trevor Richardson, cousin of Lexxus


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