A Roof Over My Head

Last weekend Clint and a few other good hearted friends and family shingled our house.   They chose the hottest weekend in Nebraska as temps rose to mid-90’s with humidity levels out of this world!

Add on the fact that the boys lived it up at the Willie Nelson concert the night before and you can imagine how they were filling at 7:30am.




Perks of husbands business?   Bobcats to get you on the roof when ladders were forgotten back at shop.




While the boys worked in the heat – I worked in doors.  I was still nursing my tooth debacle and didn’t feel like getting too carried away.

First on my agenda?  Tackling my 17 year old’s room.   For the love…. I am positive that his room had not been cleaned since the last time I did.

At Thanksgiving



I already had two loads going by the time I took this picture.


The final tally:  6 loads: all Kyle’s  ~   2 loads: a combo of Clint and I.


Next on my agenda: Baking and Lunch duties.



You guys…

I did it.

I used my Christmas present for The. First. Time.




It’s seriously Christmas in JULY!   (ya, I see Clint’s calendar hasn’t been flipped yet)    WHY did I WAIT so long to use this thing?

I am in love

I made Banana Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting.   <– Recipe Link.  The only thing I changed was I used 3 bananas instead of 2.


Lunch time was much needed.  I was honestly a little nervous they wouldn’t get back up.  It was so freaking miserable out there.


Champ.  Always in the middle of it all.



This guy.   Don’t be fooled by the smile.  He definitely said something inappropriate prior.


The guys worked until about 7pm and then called it a night.   I had dinner and ice cold beers waiting for them.  Pulled pork, fresh corn on the cob from my families farm in Clarinda (Thanks, Jeanne), watermelon and tater salad.



Sunday they were back at it bright and early.  I felt well enough that I chipped in by cleaning up all the shingles out of the front yard.






I’ll admit that at noon I slipped away to have some fun.  I met up with my friend Tracy for some Harley riding.  We met at Quaker Steak and Lube and then rode the route for my upcoming 9th Annual Bitch Ride!  Plattsmouth, Newhawka, Louisville, Waterloo and Bennington.


The Doghouse Saloon in Waterloo is my fave bar, hands down.  I’ve mentioned that a time or two.   In the summer they have live music –  even on Sunday’s!


 Dallas Hendrix.   Great voice!   Definitely will have to track down a show of his.



I was back home shortly after 6pm and went right back to work picking up shingles in the backyard.


PS – this is a great way to kill a good buzz.  😉






And with that, we have a new roof and another summer weekend long gone.







4 thoughts on “A Roof Over My Head

  1. Sounds like a GREAT weekend! I wish my husband would take more initiative with the house work!!! 🙂

  2. I LOVE my kitchenaid! Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without it! I mix anything like meatloaf, etc. in it! keeps my hands clean! It also shreds chicken like a dream! Cooked chicken breasts with the paddle attachment… Yep!

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