Lake of the Ozarks- Girls Trip – June 2014

Lake of the Ozarks.

It’s a little slice of heaven for this city dwelling girl.

I’ve been to the Ozarks several times throughout my life, thanks to our good friends Jason and Amanda living down there, however, this time a Girls Trip took me back…and holy alcohol.  It was fun!



Girls Trip ~ Lake of the Ozarks ~ June 2014


Thursday June 19th- Jess, Joey and I were scheduled to take off from Omaha.  Erin and Lega -from Des Moines.

Our goal?  Leave town at noon.

In true woman form – the Omaha crew left late.   Like 1:30 late.   A trip to the bank was necessary because SOMEBODY had poor planning skills.   Ahem, Jess.  😉


This bank video screen cracked me up.


Ok – I’ll admit I had a part in that too.  Stuck at work on the phone.  What’s a girl to do?  And we had to give the pups some serious love before leaving them behind.

Once on the road, a lot of singing, snacking, face-timing the other car and absolutely  ridiculous story telling was had for the next 6 hours.  Road trips are far more fun with friends.

First stop: our weekend home, courtesy of Jessica’s cool parents.

First on the agenda:  a cocktail and time on the dock to check out the scenery.


Second stop:  The grocery store.


They might kill me – but I think their faces are priceless.


We attempted to get everything we could possibly need for Thursday-Sunday.  Wouldn’t think that’d be too hard, right?


We drank a lot.  A full fridge, cooler and bar fridge didn’t stand a chance.   We went back for more beer by Saturday morning.  Ya, we’ve still got it.


Our theme for the weekend:

On Vacay, Zero Worry, Alcohol, Relax, Kick back, Suntans and Smiles



We ended our first night sitting outside on the patio with drinks, food and good ol’ girl talk.  A perfect start to a perfect weekend.




Friday morning I was the first to wake up.  Typical me – up at the crack of dawn.

What was a girl to do when the rest of the house was sound asleep?  A bloody mary, magazine and some quiet time on the dock of course!






The rest of the weekend pretty much went like this:

  • Beer Drinking



  • Swimming



  • Jet-Skiing



  • More Swimming



  • More Drinking



  • Chilling



  • Boating







  • Jacking around on Jessica’s brothers dock across the lake.



  • Quality Girl Talk – Amanda came over!  She’s one of my college besties and lives at the lake.  Super happy she came up to hang out with us for an evening.



  • Kayaking



  • Countless photos were taken – most will be kept between us gals for fear of public humiliation and retribution.  I’ve only posted the handful that won’t cause me any serious harm. 😉



Seriously – had the BEST time with these chicks.

I hope we make this a tradition and maybe even stay an extra day.

Good friends, new friends, forever memories.



…and stupid sayings that only we can understand



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