Gonna Party Like It’s My Birthday

Fist Bump


Fist Bump, y’all!  

Today’s my Birthday!


Clearly, I knew what was up even back then.



Thirty Four

Three Four

I don’t care how you say it or how you write it.  I freaking LOVE the thirties.   Life is good here.

Life.  Is.  Good.

Birthday’s have always been a big deal.   Ya, sure… it might be a little self absorbed, conceited and maybe a little self-loving of me to post about my own Birthday…

But hey!

It’s My Birthday.  I love Birthday’s.

And, if you gave me a crown – I’d probably wear it.



My life began on August 29th, 1980.



How gorgeous is my mom?  I mean come on!  She just gave birth!



And my dad.

Thanks, mom and dad!   Happy Birthday to you, too!   Today marks a pretty significant day in your lives as well. 🙂


I always remember my birthday’s being a pretty big display.




And I loved all of it, of course.




I was spoiled rotten.




But, loved by many.




I found quite a few Birthday pics from my childhood and teens and oh my.

The teenage years?  Oy.  The hair.  The clothing.  The glasses.

Ya, I’ll be saving those for a more significant milestone.  Like 40.   Or 50.  Or maybe never.

Until then, I am going to say:

CHEERS to 34!




Can’t wait to see what it has in store.



4 thoughts on “Gonna Party Like It’s My Birthday

  1. Those old photos are precious! Happy Birthday!


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