Birthday Celebrations

Turning 34 was just as great as I thought it would be.  A full weekend of friends, good food, booze, football, Harley riding… so much activity that I am going to have to split my weekend re-cap into two posts.


Considering the cards and the giant bottle of Vodka I received from co-workers, it is very apparent that I’ve shared my love of Vodka a little too often. Maybe this is a sign I need to tone down the Vodka talk.  I swear I don’t drink but on the weekends or if out for Wednesday Night Bike Night.

But, let’s be honest.  A little Vodka never hurt anyone.  Clearly the fish agrees with me:




Rewinding a little to let you know that Clint actually sent me these flowers to work on Monday.   Celebrating the Birthday Week, of course.

For 8 years he’s been sending me Harley Birthday Roses.  What a good man.



For the record:  black spray-painted roses STINK!


I took half day vacation on Friday and was able to meet up with my Mom and Grandma for lunch at the Olive Garden.   Wine, girl talk and good food with two ladies I just adore.



Parking lot selfie in the glaring sunlight.  Could we squint a little more? 🙂

After lunch I treated myself to some girlie pampering before meeting up with a group of friends at Kona Grill for sushi and drinks.  I opted for the private room in order to be able to chat with everyone equally.  Thanks to our awesome waitress for taking a group photo for us!

It may or may not have taken multiple takes to get a decent shot. Boys tend to misbehave when the camera comes out.


Lot’s of sushi, calamari, martini’s, vodka <— ya, that was me, and laughs were had.





Poor Luke.  The victim of Jade’s great ideas.   “I’ll buy you a beer if you eat this Wasabi with no water… for a solid minute”


For the record:  He did it.

After Kona we went up to the 21st Saloon to close out the night low-key.


Top left/clockwise:  Kayla and I -> when boys take selfies -> me, Trena and Linds -> Clint and Jade storytime.

It was a perfect ending to a great Birthday.



Stay Tuned for Saturday and Sunday recaps coming soon!

3 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations

  1. I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY! ACK! Well it looks like it was a FANTASTIC one!! Happy Belated! And I knew there was a reason I liked you so much…. Vodka, Harleys, good food… What more could you need!? 😉


  2. […] Continuing the August 29th weekend recap.  If you are just tuning in, the first part can be found here. […]


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