It’s The Weekend Mash-Up

Last week I traveled for work Wednesday thru Friday.  While I had all intentions of running while away, the reality is it didn’t happen.   Wednesday morning before I left town I was able to get a quick lifting session in at the gym, but Thursday and Friday?  Forget about it.  We can thank some questionable food on Wednesday night that led to some unfortunate stomach pains and minimal sleep the rest of the week. Sure makes focusing on meetings an interesting task.

Once back home Friday night, Clint and I opted for an evening in.  We rented a movie, I ordered Jason’s Deli and the couch is where we remained for the evening.  It was glorious.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling great and took off for a 4 mile run.   The weather was beautiful, and for the ridiculous low amount of miles I’ve put in over the last few months, my pace was pretty impressive.



After my run I was feeling like something light for lunch so I hit up our newly renovated Hy-Vee deli.  The sushi?   Seriously, so good.  They’ll even make it right there for you if you ask.

Kudos, HyVee.  You’ve got this customer satisfaction thing figured out.


Clint looked at me like I was nuts when I suggested we eat sushi and have a beer in the backyard at lunch, but he totally dug it.   See… I’m not so crazy, honey.

After lunch, Kyle stopped over.  He was back in town for the weekend to see a buddy and so he came over to help Clint get Ruby running again.

You could darn near see Clint’s heart on his sleeve that afternoon.  

He was beaming ear to ear that his little buddy was back in town.



While they tinkered with their toy, I baked some white chocolate oatmeal scotchies.  They turned out super yummy, but they looked terrifying.  Trust me.   I don’t know what it is with me and cookies, but I am going to blame it on my oven for uneven cooking.   Yeesh.

Picture?  Not even going to happen on these suckers.


Anyway, do you ever get the feeling you’re being watched?


Yep, these creepers watched my every move while I baked.

Someone should tell them that to be a successful stalker, one must be incognito.

Saturday afternoon I had the itch to get out and ride, so I called up a few girlfriends and we hit the road.


Anchor Inn, Joe Banana’s, Doghouse Saloon and back to Anchor Inn.

It was a beautiful night for a ride with the gals.


Tracy, Me, Marcy, Elizabeth, Jen


Jen, Liz, Tracy


The BB’s


Eat your heart out.

…or rather, this is my “I forgot my clear glasses” look.


I’d like to close this post with the cool things I did on Sunday, however, let’s just say my bathroom floor and I became frenemies thanks to either a bad case of food poisoning catching up with me or an early strand of the flu.

Oh well….

Friday and Saturday?  You rocked.

Sunday – Forget you.


2 thoughts on “It’s The Weekend Mash-Up

  1. Ick…food poisoning sucks…hope you are feeling better! Looks like a great weekend – and HyVee sushi? I might have to check it out – surprisingly Baker’s has some really good stuff too! Where did you run Saturday? I have been off the running bandwagon lately – doing more strength training, TRX, bootcamp type stuff and I really need to get out there – this weather is my running jam.


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