Happy 1 Year Blogiversary to Harleys & Heels! And a GIVEAWAY!

Happy Blogiversary


As I sit here tonight, looking back at the last year, I can’t help but feel grateful.

Grateful for the life I live, the people in it, the support system surrounding me and the experiences I’ve lived in the last 365 days.

I had no idea the direction of Harleys & Heels when I started it one year ago to the day.   I had been mulling around the idea for well over a month, and like most decisions I make in my life, I sit and think for a long time before acting.   If I don’t have a clear picture of something, I most often don’t follow through.

This time was different.

I took a leap of faith and went with it.  I had no idea my direction, what I was going to write about, who I was going to tell.  I just started it and let it grow with me.

And quite honestly, I am loving the direction it has taken.  I have “met” some pretty amazing people in this blogging world.   There are some great blogs out there and the community within is pretty outstanding.   I intend to eventually meet some of these lovely ladies someday as well.   🙂

Omaha Bloggers Network – my connection with you has been great.   I look forward to being a part of this growing community and thank you for recognizing me as a Blogger.

To my loyal followers – Thank You!   The fact that you follow along to my ramblings is pretty awesome.

To my family – thanks for the loving support. ❤

To my husband – thanks for letting me sit every night and write.  Thanks for allowing me to be involved in countless activities and still remain supportive.  And, of course, thanks for your humor in all of this.  I can always count on you to make fun of me for all of the above.


Harleys & Heels is one of my outlets.

Harleys & Heels is a fun place for me to share my life, my thoughts, my goals and my dreams.

I am forever humbled that you all continue to follow along.


And now for the fun part!

As a token of my appreciation, I have a GIVEAWAY!




$25 Visa Giftcard is up for grabs!   And there are several ways for you to enter.   Giveaway ends on Friday, October 17th at 5pm, so that means you have until 4:59pm on Friday to enter!  Be sure to complete all components – some entries are a two-parter.

How To Enter:

1. Comment below what fun thing you’d do with your $25 Gift Card!

2. Like Harleys & Heels on Facebook and then leave a comment below telling me you did!

3. Share the Harleys & Heels Facebook page giveaway!

4. Subscribe to Harleys & Heels.  Right hand side of screen – Never Miss A Post – Enter Email.  Comment below that you did!

5. Comment below with your favorite Harleys & Heels post so far.

6. Comment Once Each Day for extra entries!  I am keeping tally!  What to comment?  Whatever you so choose.   😉


Good Luck and THANK YOU!


24 thoughts on “Happy 1 Year Blogiversary to Harleys & Heels! And a GIVEAWAY!

  1. Congrats on your reaching a milestone. One year of blogging is significant!!


  2. Congrats on your milestone! I would love to use the gift card for some fun scrapbooking supplies but in truth it would probably get used for groceries…. 🙂


  3. Congratulations! I recently started following your blogs, as Marcy is a friend of mine. I saw your article on her on Facebook and subscribed 🙂 I then went to your page and liked that as well. Christmas is coming, so the gift card would be used for that…as my significant other recently lost his job. Money is tight, but thank you for always making me smile! kudos to you!!!


  4. Congrats!! I would use it for Christmas!


  5. I like you on Facebook 🙂


  6. Definitely use it for some X-mas cheer.


  7. I would take my kids out for lunch.


  8. congratulations! Proud of you! I would use the money to eat and drink of course!


  9. Jordan! Congrats on your anniversary. I love you on facebook and in real life. And I would use the gift card at happy hour!


  10. Congratulations on the year! Bravo for jumping in.
    Hmm…if I won I would probably give it to my brother as $25 would really help him out right now. And if I won it, he’d accept it as a gift where he doesn’t let me give him money of my own. Sometimes I have to be sneaky.


  11. Congrats on one year and here is to many more years to come!! I’m a new follower and subscriber to your blog and Facebook recently, but love reading back on your post and you are a great inspiration to many! One of my favorite post would be one of your recent ones our your transformation! 🙂 I would probably take my two little guy to a pumpkin patch or some fall activity with the gift card, love this time of year!


  12. Jessica McAlpin

    Happy Happy one year!!! woot woot. I subscribed, and liked the page. I would buy new boots for my vegas all girls trip!!! I loved the article about my stelly/bella girl that melted my heart and I tear up just writing about it. thank you.


  13. Happy one year! I would get my nails done!


  14. And I loved your Market to Market post! SO inspiring!


  15. Congrats on 1 year! I would use the $25 to buy my sister a housewarming gift for her new apartment.


  16. My favorite post of yours : Transformations Take Time – My Two Years! 🙂


  17. Don’t personally know you, but when “we met” thru instagram I felt a bond, a Nebraska girl, that runs and rides and loves her hubby! we both ride a deluxe and that alone makes us super cool! Now you are all famous, your own blog and your facebook page! Congrats on the milestone! stephi


  18. congrats on the blog…. and I would give the card to you so you and your husband could have a dinner out!!


  19. Congratulations on your blogiversary! I would use it for Christmas stocking stuffers.


  20. Congratulations on your blogiversary! I’d use the card for groceries.


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