The Start of An Easy Weekend

It’s Saturday.   11:45am.  And I am still at HOME.

I can’t remember the last time I was home on a Saturday.   I am pretty much elated that washing my hair and putting on makeup today is straight up OPTIONAL.

An easy, uneventful weekend wasn’t our original plan, but we will gladly take this turn of events!

Our Friday night consisted of a few beers in the driveway, BS-ing with a good buddie of ours while Clint worked on pulling the motor out of his old Ford.



The man is always tinkering.   Always tearing down and rebuilding something!   This new project is either a complete engine rebuild OR something about going to an auction to buy some new front end off of some old car and rebuilding the front end entirely?  Ya, I don’t know.  I listen, nod, take the photos, drink the beer, take selfies while he works and enjoy his end product.   We shall see.


I curled my hair slightly Friday morning.  I wasn’t quite sure if it was sassy cute or little girl cute.   Little girl cute is not cute on a 34 year old…  =/

Friday night dinner consisted of healthy roasted chicken, peas and fruit.




Dessert was a warm gooey batch of black bean brownies.



Ever had black bean brownies?

They are so good.  I promise.

Clint, of course, drowned his in ice cream. Kind of defeats the purpose, ya think?

The below recipe is from Chocolate Covered Katie.  I used the coconut oil, real maple syrup and stevia options.




Friday night ended with a backyard fire pit and a glass of wine.  Pretty sure I was out COLD in my bed by 10pm.



And I’m totally cool with that.

Now for Saturday?  What’s a girl to do?   Catch up on some blog posts, plan out Week 3 of my online Accountability group, go for a run, maybe hit the weights at the gym (maybe not … nursing a very sore lower back and hip flexors.  Chiropractor visit yesterday will hopefully kick in soon!)

All I DO know is that this is for dinner tonight:



Cheers to a killer weekend, y’all!



2 thoughts on “The Start of An Easy Weekend

  1. Yum on the brownies!


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