1 Year Blogiversary Winner!

Time to announce the Winner!

Happy Blogiversary


But first, I must say thanks to all who took the time to write and enter to win!   I loved reading your comments!

To pick the winner, I typed up each entry (some of you had several entries), put them in a hat and asked Clint to help draw the winner!


Drum Roll, Please…………



And the Winner is Stephi!   

I was SO excited when Clint drew her name!

How I “know” Stephi is a fun little story.  Allow me to tell it….

So, there exists this cool little land called Instagram.  When you use #hashtags correctly, you end up finding some like-minded folks.   Enter: Stephi.  When you use the same hashtags frequently you start recognizing the same IG user pop up.   Stephi and I kept running into each other in the #harley world and so began following each other.   We would occasionally have conversations regarding our love of Harley’s and quickly found out we had even more in common than #harleydavidson.   She’s originally a Nebraska girl, transplanted to Milwaukee (my dream city to live in- Home of Harley-Davidson- hello!).   She is a kick-ass Harley girl, nurse, has a killer IG account full of photos that parallel mine AND she rides a Harley-Davidson Deluxe.  <—- The same as MINE!

It was meant to be!  🙂

My one HUGE regret is we didn’t actually meet last year during the 110th Anniversary of Harley Davidson.  I was in the same freaking city as her.

Next time, girl.  Next time!   Sturgis 2015?!

So, Stephi – ENJOY your gift card.   Make sure to email me your snail-mail address at harleysandheels@yahoo.com!



2 thoughts on “1 Year Blogiversary Winner!

  1. that was sweet! I will let you know the next time we are headed back to “the good life” aka home! still is… and we will have to meet for coffee! thanks again…We are headed out to Evanston (aka Chicago) today to the Husker Game!!! so excited to be surrounded by the right color of RED!!! hahahah


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