Fall Weather Means Outdoor Activities

We made sure to spend quality time outside this last Saturday and Sunday.   It was absolutely gorgeous here in Nebraska.   The hubs spent a lot of time pulling the motor out of his old Ford and getting it ready for an overhaul.



Only in old vehicles can you fit your entire body in the front end.   Can barely squeeze a penny under the hood of my Grand Cherokee!

We ate dinner outside on Saturday.  Roast and potatoes, even!  Who says you need a dining room table?



Or clean hands….


If you tuned in yesterday, you all know I spent my Saturday evening spray painting letters for my hilarious wall art.



Sunday morning I made breakfast and even served it to Clint in bed. What a nice wife I can be sometimes.

His Sunday morning ritual is to watch Power Block in the bedroom.  Mine is to watch CMT music videos in the living room.

At least we know what makes the other happy! 🙂




Sunday afternoon we took off on the Harley’s and headed to Plattsmouth, NE for a late lunch at the Main Street Bar & Grill.



While not a good photo of the hubs, I couldn’t post the other one for some serious inappropriateness.   Can’t take that man anywhere I tell ya.

The food at Main Street was incredibly delicious and unhealthy.  The best kind, right?

I want to bring your attention to the onion rings.  Oh my.   I can’t even begin to describe those puppies.   The cook came out and filled a bowl with keg Budlight prior to making these suckers.  If that doesn’t tell you how yummy they are, then I don’t know what.  Get yourself to this bar SOON and order up a batch.  Holy Yum.




I wasn’t feeling a full on meal, so ordered a side of jalapeno cheese balls.   Clint loved them.  I was indifferent.  The cheese had the texture of Velveeta.  I hate Velveeta.  So, I had a couple and then passed them up.   If you are into that kind of weird textured cheese, then these are all for you!



After Plattsmouth we headed on out to Louisville to my Aunt Marla’s for a quick beer and business chatter before heading to Heron Bay for a cocktail.   The place was busy with crappy service.   Per usual.

Our last stop ended in Waterloo at the Dog House Saloon for my favorite Watermelon drink.



These drinks are just heaven in a glass.

Oh. So. Yum.

And that pretty much sums up our weekend.  The no plans, no commitments, no schedule suited us just fine I might say!

Our next weekend doesn’t look as relaxed, but it contains a lot of fun, so I am not complaining.



3 thoughts on “Fall Weather Means Outdoor Activities

  1. a girl after my own heart!! CMT videos! You two are just a young version of us! hilarious!! its been cold here, like 40! so hopefully this weekend it will spike up to 60 and we can get one last ride in… enjoy!!! ps those letters you bought. I bought the same ones that spell our last name… crazy!!


  2. Nick and I spend so much time in separate rooms watching our own shows…glad we aren’t the only ones! Sounds like we are going to have another gorgeous weekend upcoming…can’t wait!


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