Thankful Tuesday

1. Today I am thankful for those who currently serve and those who have served.  Thank You.  

Thank You


2. Today and everyday I am thankful for my mother.   Today is her Birthday! 




3. I am thankful for Eileen’s Cookies.  Did you know they are a requirement when celebrating something significant?   Monday I was able to meet up with my girl Sara for lunch to celebrate her last week in Corporate America.  She will be staying home with her two beautiful babies, helping care for her teenage stepdaughter and keeping her man in line.   😉

And she is starting up her own Grant Writing Business.  Southwest Iowa folks – if you are in need of a grant researcher/writer, please look her up here.




4.  I am thankful for my almost finished living room! 

Painting, DONE!

Wall decorations, UP!

Furniture, IN PLACE!

Crown molding and trim is all that is left to do, however, that won’t happen until December/January, but I am pleased as punch the way it is for now!


Panorama View.  See that yellowish blob in the bottom right?

That’s Sasha Dog walking.

Looks more like puke, ya?

Take note: objects in motion do not produce good panoramic photos.

 imageTake Note again:  Sasha looks as though she has three legs.   She doesn’t.  She has 4 last I checked.


5. I am thankful for early, snowy, icy mornings and a frantic husband.   Why would this be thankful worthy?  Because even at 2am, my husbands excitement/panic was contagious.  While he and his crew weren’t quite prepared for what mother nature dumped on us early, I can’t be mad at him for his obnoxious alarm clock, banging doors, running up and down the stairs and opening and closing the garage door… not once… but three times on his way out to his businesses.


Let’s just say 2am and I became fast friends.   A few projects got completed.  And out the door at 4:30am I went to teach at the YMCA.  😉

Yep, still thankful.


6. Thankful for my YMCA family.  Three times today I was thankful for them!  

  1. My morning Insanity Crew came out to kick some serious Insanity ass this morning.  They didn’t let the weather hold them back.  Even had a few new ones.   NO EXCUSES!  BOOM!
  2. My YMCA boss, Carrie.  She deals with my random emails.   She served as my therapist today, even.  Pretty sure she doesn’t want in on that business.  Thanks, CARRIE!
  3. My afternoon TurboKick class.  I don’t know where these chicks came from today – but the 7 of you who made it to the early 4:45pm session – you rock!   We seriously had SO much FUN today.  *If you’ve never taken a Turbo class before, I am sorry.  You’re missing out on a good time.


And THAT, my friends, is your random Thankful Tuesday.

Thanks for reading! 

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