Merry FITMAS to ME!!

I had some large and in charge boxes hanging out on my front porch today.   All for ME!   Why, yes!   I buy myself big ticket items around Christmas.   I had to!  The discounts were incredible!



I was so stinking excited to open these babies up and get them settled into their new corner of the world.  AKA: my fitness corner.    I got a new step, barbell, a few plates and a whole DVD set of Body Pump.



Oh YES YES YES!  This little corner makes me very happy.  I’ve got all my dvd programs nestled away safely on a shelf ready to play at anytime.  My kettlebells, a few hand weights, bands, fitness journals… all things Fit Focused.



My stockpile is growing.  I’ve got several other items on my wishlist (floor mats, mirrors, dumbbells, more plates…) but I think I’ll give Santa a chance at those first.  😉

Working on those 2015 Goals EARLY.


Oh, there’s Champ again.   #typical

Speaking of wish lists and goal setting… have you thought about your 2015 goals yet?   Does fitness and nutrition have a spot on that list?

I’ve got multiple challenge groups planned for 2015 that you could be a part of.   Prescribed fitness plans, eating plans, motivation and me as an accountability partner.

More information on that soon.  Just know…

I’ve got your back.  

Because, what you don’t realize is that you also have mine.

I’ve got two groups going right now, and man… the dedication I am already seeing out of these ladies is amazing.   They are going to have some serious results before Christmas.   Super proud of them and we are only 2 days in. 🙂


Cheers to being FIT FOCUSED.

4 thoughts on “Merry FITMAS to ME!!

  1. I did P90X a few years ago, and they are still my go to DVD’s for home work outs! Can’t wait to hear about how you like body pump. I haven’t tried this one.

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  2. I cannot wait to get a barbell and I want a rack for our new house!! Lifting stuff is my bread and butter, I HEART it so much more than cardio! 😉 Lol


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