Weekend in Review



Saturday in Nebraska hit 60 degrees so of COURSE I had to get in a little quality time with my blue baby.   My friend, Jen, hit me up about riding with her and Pepp, so I said HELL YA – and off we went.




We hit up Manley, Lousiville and Waterloo before calling it an afternoon.  We got in a good 3.5 hours of afternoon sun.  It was just what we needed.   Thanks girls for asking me to tag along!!

Saturday night ended with dinner out with my main man, a little live music and home by 8.  A chill Saturday was had by all!

Sunday I have managed to finish the basement Christmas tree – went for all colors since my upstairs is strictly red, gold, white and traditional Harley. 😉





Not so sure I like the colored look on the mantle, but I sure as heck am not changing it all now!




Two Harley stockings and one John Deere.  Keeping our interests at the forefront. 😉

I did a little re-decorating in the basement as well.


Slowly but surely this thing is coming together.  We are still debating on where we want to put a new TV.  Corner, mantle, the other corner…. Until we can get that decided, we can’t buy furniture.   It’s all about the placement, yo.

Clint spent his afternoon in the garage welding and doing whatever else men do when they are in the middle of rebuilding a 1970 Ford.



Champ  – that guy is always sneaking in my photos.

We will just call him a Stage 5 Clinger.

Now, it’s off to the grocery store I go for all my meal prep items.   Starting a 21 Day Challenge tomorrow.  It’s going to be the Shiz.




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