Friday Fun Run

Today I got in a 6 mile run.  It wasn’t planned.  It was getting late.   I had alllllll sorts of reasons why I could have avoided it.

I had, after-all, spent the day on the couch.  Did some online shopping, did some research work, read a lot, wrote a little, watched the IA/NE game…

Late afternoon I just decided I needed to get up and move.  So, I picked 6 miles as my goal and went for it.



It was a gorgeous 50 degree afternoon.  A very nice change of pace since it has been bitter cold and windy for days!


I was running strong until mile 5ish.

And then my pace plummeted.  And NOT for the reasons you think.   Tired, worn out…. nope!

Lack of attention. 

I started texting people about riding the Harley’s tomorrow and another friend about some tips for running in the winter.   Man, my attention span is whack sometimes.




Following my run I made a quick trip to Target for a few items and had all intentions of getting my second Christmas tree up and decorated once back home.

You know what happened?

I locked myself OUT of my Jeep.   Seriously.

If anyone can find a way to lock themselves out of a NEW Jeep with NEW technology in a key fob, it WOULD be me.  I am the master of stupid stuff like this.

I think what happened was when I was throwing my items (including my purse) in the backseat, my lock button got tripped, so when I shut the door and went to the front door it was locked.  And the red security button was glowing brightly.   The little magic unlock button on the outside wouldn’t even work.  They key fob was inside, so apparently it though I was inside as well and was NOT going to let an outsider in.


Luckily my friend Claire moved in to a new town home not far from my home (she actually moved today!), so she came to my rescue….


…but not until after I sat on the curb for a bit looking like a creepy car stealing bastard.


Eh.  What can ya do but laugh?

Cheers to a super weekend, y’all!




4 thoughts on “Friday Fun Run

  1. I’m just impressed that you got out and ran! I needed to exercise … then again, working for two days to cook, clean, cook some more and clean some more had to have burned a few calories, right 🙂
    Hoping to get on the bike tomorrow 🙂
    Enjoy your ride … and good luck with those locks!


  2. Good work on the run! I, in turn, ate my face off ALL.DAY.LONG. And enjoyed a couple Coronas to boot! #fail

    PS I think we have the same exact Jeep. Weird. And I don’t know how you locked yourself out! My BIL did the same thing with his Jeep – makes me laugh. =)


  3. Great job on the run! Sorry to hear about the Jeep…I thankfully have a 2011 that does NOT have all the bells and whistles, so I haven’t locked myself out…yet…haha


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