It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

I couldn’t help it.  I decorated for Christmas this weekend.   The kid in me just couldn’t wait until next Friday.



I know.  I’m early.  Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet.  But, in my defense, it is SO late this year.

So, I decorated.  And it made me happy.

I’m happy.



All I need now are some gifts for under the tree.  It’s looking a little lonely.




I have to say that my new TV stand looks beautiful with garland and lights on it.  ❤




As I was decorating the tree last night, I came across some old ornaments that my Great Grandma Leora would make for the family.  I can remember sitting with her at the table, gluing and pinning each sequin and bead.   A labor of love.




Finding these ornaments stirred up quite a few memories.   Something about the holidays brings a heavy sense of nostalgia. Growing up, I was blessed to have holidays filled with large family gatherings. I have such warm memories of Celebrations with my moms side, my dad’s side and of course at home with my mom, step-dad Dave and siblings.

Every year I’d see these ornaments tucked away in a box but passed them by for all my Harley ornaments.

Last night, I decided to put them on the tree.

They reminded me that Christmas isn’t about a theme. The holiday season is about family and friends. Its about celebrating the true reason for the season. It’s about reminiscing on Christmases past and celebrating the Christmases present.

It’s about making new memories and new traditions.

Finding these ornaments last night helped remind me of this.



And, I can smile knowing that even though the holidays don’t look like they used to, they are still just as special.

Cheers to the start of a wonderful holiday season with family, friends and the making of new memories.

2 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

  1. Look at you getting ahead of the decorating game…love it all and loved your reasoning on your decor on your tree. That is really true, it’s all about family and memories and I would rather have some “unmatching” decor on my tree with a bunch of memories than a perfectly themed one!


  2. […] I have managed to finish the basement Christmas tree – went for all colors since my upstairs is strictly red, gold, white and traditional Harley. […]


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