Weekend in Review



Saturday in Nebraska hit 60 degrees so of COURSE I had to get in a little quality time with my blue baby.   My friend, Jen, hit me up about riding with her and Pepp, so I said HELL YA – and off we went.




We hit up Manley, Lousiville and Waterloo before calling it an afternoon.  We got in a good 3.5 hours of afternoon sun.  It was just what we needed.   Thanks girls for asking me to tag along!!

Saturday night ended with dinner out with my main man, a little live music and home by 8.  A chill Saturday was had by all!

Sunday I have managed to finish the basement Christmas tree – went for all colors since my upstairs is strictly red, gold, white and traditional Harley. 😉





Not so sure I like the colored look on the mantle, but I sure as heck am not changing it all now!




Two Harley stockings and one John Deere.  Keeping our interests at the forefront. 😉

I did a little re-decorating in the basement as well.


Slowly but surely this thing is coming together.  We are still debating on where we want to put a new TV.  Corner, mantle, the other corner…. Until we can get that decided, we can’t buy furniture.   It’s all about the placement, yo.

Clint spent his afternoon in the garage welding and doing whatever else men do when they are in the middle of rebuilding a 1970 Ford.



Champ  – that guy is always sneaking in my photos.

We will just call him a Stage 5 Clinger.

Now, it’s off to the grocery store I go for all my meal prep items.   Starting a 21 Day Challenge tomorrow.  It’s going to be the Shiz.




Finding My Wednesday Happy Moments

I’d like to tell this day to take a hike.  I’m over it.  Moving on.


So without sounding like a whiney, ungrateful, angry, bitter woman tonight, I’m going to focus on the things (mundane or not) that made me happy today.

Here goes.

1. Subway breakfast. Egg white, spinach and provolone cheese on flatbread. Impressed, thoroughly.


2. My chiropractor. He’s awesome. Well, he’s moving up on my likability scale anyway. Still afraid of the weird things they do for adjustments, but after four weeks, the trust is building. Slowly.

I’m still guilty at giving him those “WTF, dude” looks.



3. Down time before teaching TurboKick. The stretching, silence and alone time was welcomed for a little focus and clarity.



4. Coming home to chili and cinnamon rolls. Courtesy of the hubby.  No good pictures.  I inhaled it.  Here is a leftover cinnamon roll for you.  You’re welcome.



5. A good phone chat with one of my besties on my way home from the gym.



6. The view of my Christmas Tree from my comfy couch.



7. And this cute little face peaking up at me from said couch.




And now… my bed.   4:40AM wake up call for my 5:30 AM Turbo Kick Class.


Cheers to a better Thursday.

Turkey Trot, Hawkeyes Win, A Bet and our Harley Holiday’s

The Weekend in Review


Turkey Trot- hosted by the Council Bluffs YMCA.  Thursday morning offered us a high of 28 degrees, and the run took place alongside the Missouri River, including a crossing of the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.  Needless to say it was cold!   My girl, Jessica, ran it with me. 

ImageEven though the wind was in our face, it was still a really neat experience to run across the bridge.  The Bob Kerry Bridge runs across the Missouri River, allowing people to be in Nebraska and Iowa at the same time (what a touristy thing to say).




The rest of Thanksgiving Day was spent attending three family dinners.  And, sadly, I didn’t take but ONE picture.  Just one!  I guess I was soaking in all the family time.

Dinner 1: Grandpa Goecker’s. 

ImageClint and my Gr’pa shootin’ the shit.


Dinner Two:  My mom’s.  My uncle and aunt were in town so we swung by to chat with everyone for a few hours before heading to…

Dinner Three: Clint’s mom’s.  Dinner, cocktails and family time for another few hours.



Hawkeye vs. Husker Game

ImageWe are Hawkeye Supporters in this house!  I don’t call myself a fan, because I don’t follow every last thing the Hawkeye Football Team does, however I always root for the Black and Gold. 


ImageHow fun is my Grateful Hawkeye shirt? (and my ridiculous selfie)


It was a great game and awesome to see the Hawkeyes take the WIN!


We had some friends attend the game in Lincoln, so they came up to our house afterwards to celebrate with a few beers.


I said a few…. ahem….


A few years ago, Tyree and Clint made a bet on the Husker/Hawkeye Game.  Huskers won, which meant Clint lost and therefore had to wear Tyree’s Husker Shirt for the night.



Well, paybacks are a B!tch, and apparently this bet is long standing.  Doesn’t Tyree look adorable in this Hawkeye shirt??





It started to look like Christmas in the Pirtle household!  I spent the entire day decorating while watching CSI reruns.  It was a PERFECT day.



My entire tree is Harley Davidson theme. 

Did you expect anything else?  I mean, really.





I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

Cheers to a great Sunday!