Music Monday – Eric Church… again.



Yep.   I went to see Eric Church again this weekend.  3 hours away.   Obsessed.

This time I went with Kayla and Tracy.  Kayla has missed seeing Mr. Church in concert several times due to unfortunate circumstances – however this time??   She was ALL in.

I am pretty sure she was as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning.



We had a KICK ASS surprise with Halestorm opening for Eric.   Lzzy Hale collaborates with him on a song, so having her band actually open was seriously icing on the cake.

They always put on a HALE of a show.   <— haha.  #lamehumor #butseriously




Dwight Yoakam was the second opener for E. Church.   I’ll admit – I respect what he has done musically over the years, but he just isn’t my thing.  Sorry, man.

And then…. it was time for CHURCH.





I can’t even begin to describe the kind of experience Eric puts his fans through.  He and his band members put on such an incredible show.  They constantly work the stage, engaging and interacting with members of the audience in every last corner of the auditorium.

And the appreciation, gratitude and sheer humbleness that Eric exudes is refreshing.



After a little more than a TWO and A HALF HOUR set, Mr. Church left the stage.   It looked to me like he wasn’t quite ready, but I think his guitar players fingers and drummers hands were done.

What an experience.

Thanks, Eric Church for yet another fun evening.


And excuse me mother for the crude humor of this closing eCard.  😉




One thought on “Music Monday – Eric Church… again.

  1. Love Eric Church and extremely jealous you got to see him. He is so great in concert! =)


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