Ugly Sweater Run Recap!



December 14th, 2014 marked the third annual Ugly Sweater 5K in Omaha!   Our crew had a great time dressing up, looking ridiculous and getting some good girl conversation while we covered the 3.1 mile route.




The weather was in the 40’s, a little foggy to start, but all together pretty darn great weather conditions.  It beats the 20 degree weather we had last year by far!




Some advice for my fashionistas out there.  Want some lipstick with staying power?   Go cheap and pick up some old school Wet N Wild.   That stuff would NOT come off.   My lips were this ridiculous hot pink for hours.   Hours I tell ya.   I think I’ll hit up Walgreen’s again and get a better color next time.   Who knew the cheap crap works better then the expensive?



A mini- pit stop for a reindeer photo opp mid run with the girls was necessary.


Kayla’s socks.   Dead freaking sexy.

Lot’s of holiday cheer happened post-race too!


Clever girls that Lora and DeAnn are.


Cheers to a great start to the Holiday Season.   What better than Ugly Sweaters, Buddy the Elf, Christmas decorations, hot chocolate and good friends?


THANKS to the Ugly Sweater marketing team for the tickets and for a morning of fun!


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