Insanity Mania

Last week hit an all time high in Insanity class attendees at the YMCA in Council Bluffs, IA.   We are a smaller gym with a pretty tight knit group of regulars for Group X classes – so last Thursday hitting a grand total of 22 folks in class was pretty darn fantastic!



I try to be sneaky with my photos so I never get them during Block 1 Plyometrics.   The above is during Block 2 which consists of a lot of core and upper body work.



All 22 stayed for the 30 minute class.   At that mark I give them the option to stretch and peace-out if they want.  10 folks went ahead and left for a variety of reasons (weight training, work schedule, kiddos schedule, maxed out) while the rest of us chugged along right into Block 3 for the 50 minute class.



They kicked some serious butt – proud mom over here!




Due to the holiday we are on an adjusted schedule, but come January I will be teaching 5 classes at the YMCA, 2 classes at IWCC and 1 class a week at 24 Hour Fitness.  8 classes is a lot, but I am very much looking forward to the challenge and the excitement!

Come join me!  I’d love to see your smiling face in class!  Live too far away?  No problem… I do online groups as well!   I’ve got one starting on January 5th!

Email me at:  🙂

Cheers, friends.

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