Never Skip A Monday

Monday Motivation:  Never Skip A Monday



Monday begins a new week.

              A chance to start over.

A  fresh start.

It’s 4:30am and I am up ready to workout.


Because mornings are MY time.   They are only for me.  My dogs are asleep, my husband is asleep and my work day hasn’t blown up in my face yet.   I simply love early mornings.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings are when I workout for myself.  I don’t teach classes nor do I attend classes.  It is all about me and what I need for my mind, my body and my health.

This particular Monday is a 30 minute workout compliments of Total Cardio Fix DVD, followed by 45 minutes at the gym for some stair work and weight lifting – all legs, baby.  I have it scheduled in my planner.  Once written down, there is no going back.   BUT, even if it wasn’t written down, chances are 99% positive that I would still be up doing something.

Nothing beats starting the week with a solid workout under your belt, rejuvenated and ready to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

I particularly ❤ Monday mornings.   They remind me of my goals and bring a sense of new determination and focus.

Get out there.   Get to it.   Make today YOURS.  And if you are reading this at the end of the day and it’s already 10pm – don’t quit.   Get in a solid 20-30 minute HIIT workout followed by a hot bath.  It’ll put you right to sleep.  😉

No excuses.

Never Skip A Monday.

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