STOP Saying You Are Old!


If  I had a pet peeve that would make the very top of my list it would most definitely be when  people refer to their age negatively.


I’m SOOOO old.

When did WE get SOOOO old?

Aren’t you a little OLD for that?

Oh you are sore?  Well, that is just because you are getting old.

I am 29 and holding.


People, please.   Hush.

Don’t talk like that about yourself.

If you are living your life the way you want to live it and loving every last second of it, why on earth does it matter your age?   What is it about that little number that freaks you out?   I am 34.  I consider that young.  I do more now then I did when I was 21.  I recognize that the older I get I might feel a little differently about my age, but I refuse to let that rule my thoughts or activities.

If you are feeling like life is slipping away from you, don’t let it.

What is it you want to do?  What is it you want to experience? 

Want to learn a new skill?   Sign up for one.  Multiple community colleges and universities offer continuing education classes.   Learn something new!  You are never too old to learn.

Do you want to experience a mud run?  Grab a friend, sign up and do it!   Total blast, by the way!

Wish you could take a few boxing classes or hit up a few Group X classes at  your gym?  Schedule it!   Go!   Sure, if it’s been a while you are going to be sore as hell.   But, its only temporary.  And that sore feeling most likely means your body is changing, or will be soon.   Keep going.  Don’t stop.  It doesn’t get easier, YOU get stronger.

Want to skydive?   First off, you are certifiably nuts, HOWEVER, if that is what you want to do, then by all means, be my guest.   You are NOT too old to do it.  Pending any heart problems, why the heck not?  I will watch safely from the solid ground, you crazy freak.

All those things that are holding you back are most likely excuses.   They can be worked through, around, on, in and over… whatever you want to call it.    It’s about making the time and making it a priority.

Aging is what you make of it.

Don’t make of it.


Embrace your age.    Getting stuck on the feeling of getting “old” is keeping you in the past and pushing you back down.   Let that weight go and start living!

I stumbled across this little website featuring 20 Seniors that PROVE that age is just a number.   Check it out.  It might change your perspective.

20 Photos of Seniors Proving That Age is Just a Number

Click Here.


One thought on “STOP Saying You Are Old!

  1. had to share. my sentiments exactly. thank you! love your posts!


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