Facing Fear



I, like many others, have set several goals that I want to achieve in 2015.

The first of which has a deadline.

That deadline is almost here and I have, at this point, successfully pumped myself full of self-doubt.

The self-doubt has become so great that I subconsciously and unknowingly self-sabotage.  Bad decisions, terrible internal voices that tell me I am not ready, lack of motivation, lack of confidence, inadequate feelings, the almighty “oh, you still have time” and then even worse “maybe this goal you just won’t make… try again next time”.




I don’t want to try again.   I don’t want to miss this first goal I set for myself.

I had plenty of time to prepare.  I knew this was coming since November of last year.  I have had more than enough time to hone my craft.

So, why is it that I am no where near what I had in mind as being “ready”.



   Lack of motivation



I know I am being vague when it comes to the goal itself.  That’s the thing

                                                               There are a total of 5 people that know what it is.

                                                                                                                                                      It is that scary for me.


End of February.

Goal 1.

It’s there.  It isn’t going anywhere.  It is up to me to really figure out if I am ready for it, if it’s self-doubt or if I just need a little more time.


Whatever it is, I need to remember…

Goal 1 might be a failure – but I am not.


6 thoughts on “Facing Fear

  1. i hear you there! I just recently became part of the Beachbody family and just ordered by 21 day fix in the mail and i was so excited to start the program, but of course self coubt kicked in. Will i finish the program? Will I see results? I just had to let all that self doubt go and just go full force into this new and unknown experience. New things are scary, but I guess we just have to close our eyes, take a deep breath, and just let the course of what is supposed to happen happen 🙂


    • Oh, girl. You can TOTALLY do the 21 Day Fix. I am helping my third group of ladies and gents through it right now. All my folks that I’ve assisted in the past have had success. Inches, pounds lost and self-confidence gained. You can do it. Just really focus on the meal prep and planning. That is so much of it and the biggest hurdle for most folks. Welcome to the Beachbody family. It’s a wonderful place to be. ❤ Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Jordan, we’ve never met but I know you. You have the drive and determination to make anything possible!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. […] when finally 4 months ago I made the commitment to follow through.  My recent post about fear (here) and my Facebook posts have been directed towards this […]


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