Weekend in Review 2 | April 2015

Happy Day to ya!  Are we all feeling mad love for this Monday, or what?   I love it so much, my mind is still thinking about the weekend…


Got in a little TurboKick practice after work.  There is absolutely nothing more humbling then videoing yourself while working out.   Uh, ya….  🙂  It’s a necessity as I keep perfecting my skills!

Beachbody Master Trainer-in-Training status quo, yo.


Following my afternoon practice sesh, we jumped on the bikes to run a few errands


and ended up at Voodoo Taco in Aksarben for some OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD taco’s.   Holy yummo you guys.  The Baja Shrimp is amazing.   Clint tried the alligator and warns you that it’s HOT!   We also tried the Barbacoa Beef and Smoked Brisket.  All two thumbs up!



After dinner the hubs and I just decided to kick it for the night at home which included a little backyard snuggling with Champ:



And some squirrel shooting for the husband.  Yes, it’s a BB Gun.  Calm yourselves.



I think this photo can sum up Clint’s three favorite things all at once:



Champ never wants anyone to feel left out, so after he was done leaving his wet nasty slobbery kisses on Clint, he came back to me for down time. 😉


And THAT wraps up our crazy and wild Friday evening, y’all!


Insanity at 24 Hour Fitness followed by an all day cleaning session at home.  Man, it needed some serious TLC.  Kudos to the hubs for helping clean the basement too.  It was a muddy mess thanks to dogs and boys…. err, one boy.  Clint.

…who likes to still blame messes on Kyle.

…who is in college in another State.


Then it was wedding time for my fellow Biker B!tch, Ashley!





I met Ashley a few years ago via my hubby.  She is such a sweet, tender-hearted woman.   I did a Biker Feature on her last fall which you can find here.


Ashley let Clint take home one of her centerpieces which was made from a piston.

Clint helped get those for her so he got to take one home as a souvenir. 😉


The Three Biker B’s:  Tyree, Ashley and me!



Love this girl


And this guy.


The Rain!!  Pouring rain and my friend Blair was running her first half-marathon.  No WAY was I going to miss it, so I jumped in my Jeep and made my way to mile marker 5.5 of the Gambler Half to surprise her.  I will never forget my first half-marathon and how I felt seeing my friends and family at that very spot and wanted to do the same for Blair.

She looked GREAT!




Way to go Blair!!!

I stuck around to see her loop back for mile 6.5 and then booked it back home for a quick towel dry (hello soggy dog) before meeting up for an 11am brunch date with  Jenny of Prairie Californian.

I met Jenny via social media about a year ago and through our blogs, Facebook and Instagram we have gotten to know each other.   She carries a strong voice in the Agriculture world, which actually brought her to Omaha for the weekend.   She also has the sweetest love story.  You must visit her blog and read all about it (among all of the other topics she shares her wisdom on).  Jenny is definitely an experienced and professional blogger, so you will get quite a bit more from her then you do me!  ha

Katie also joined in on the fun.  She is a co-founder of Rural Housewives with Jenny.

prairie californian

Jordan, Jenny, Katie

Click titles to be linked:

Prairie Californian Blog

Prairie Californian Facebook Page

Rural Houswives Blog

Rural Housewives Facebook Page

Both ladies were a JOY to sit and chat with for a few hours.   I had to let them go around 12:30 as they had one more stop to make before embarking on their 6.5 hour drives home.  Katie to OK and Jenny to SD!

I definitely look forward to seeing them again someday!

The rest of our Sunday consisted of computer work.  I started creating my Coach Sneak Peak curriculum and I will be ready to roll that out soon!   Very exciting to finally make some headway on that.  Stay tuned! 🙂

Cheers! ❤

6 thoughts on “Weekend in Review 2 | April 2015

  1. Looks like a great weekend!!! You and your hubby are so cute!!! ❤


  2. Oh gosh, you’re much too kind my friend!! It was SO LOVELY to finally meet up with you! You’re just as adorable in person as you are online!

    And on a completely unrelated note, those tacos look AMAZING! There’s a VooDoo taco in Fargo… I may have to try it!


  3. It was great seeing you out there Sunday morning! Super great of you to be there for your friend, even in that nasty wind and rain!! And that wedding dress – how gorgeous is that!!!


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