The Weekend in Review | June 5-7th

You know what was so great about this weekend?   Nothing and Everything.

Nothing:  We had nothing scheduled

Everything: The whole weekend was perfect.

What’s even better?  I didn’t spend my whole darn weekend on my phone, taking pictures, facebooking, instagramming and believe it or not my Snapchat followers…  I didn’t snap but maybe 1/4 of the weekend.

And, it was awesome.

Sometimes it’s ok to disconnect and not capture every moment on camera.    Of course, I am all about the photos for memories sake.  I ABSOLUTELY am.   I want those to fall back on someday.   Sometimes that someday is simply the next day, cuz girl… my memory needs some help.

But, this weekend, I put the phone down for the most part.  And it was fab.

Friday:   Off work at 3.   Retirement Party for our dear Carol.   Eyelash appointment at 6 with Jess.  Home by 7:30.

Saturday: Up at 7 to attend an Arborist Climbing competition.  My hubs is really modest when it comes to his line of work, but I won’t be.  It’s dangerous, it takes knowledge, it takes strength, it takes guts, it takes someone who prides themselves on hard ass work.  I never get to see him in action, and quite frankly, that is ok.   Some of the photos he sends from “his office” aka… the top of some tall ass trees, is enough to make me weak in the knees.  So, getting out to see some other climbers do their thing was fun!


Let’s play a game.  Can you find the climber?  He’s up there.

Bonus if you can find two!


Funny part of the day:   A competitors truck got stuck.  Guess who they asked for assistance?  😉



We hung out for a few and then decided our bikes were calling our names.

Rain was coming through when we got home, so a quick garage cleaning of the not-so-white walls was in order while we waited for it all to pass.


Then it was off  to Butterfield’s for exhaust measurements and an estimate.   Breeze at Butterfields and Clint have become quite the pair.   If you ever need help with anything on your bike, I recommend going to see Breeze or Bob.   Two of the coolest old-school bikers you will ever meet.  And spending everyday for the rest of your life with them STILL wouldn’t be enough time to learn all of their knowledge.



Then we set out for Emerson, IA to check out the newly re-opened bar.  Harley’s Bar and Grill is where it’s AT if you go through Emerson.  And, I have to say you are missing out if you don’t give it a try.   Sara came down to have a soda with us and then shortly after, a crew of riders we have come to know in the last few months came rolling in.   So, naturally, we spent the rest of the afternoon riding with them!



Saturday turned out to be just GORGEOUS!

After Emerson we hit up Imogene, Malvern and another little bar called the Wild’s just south of Pacific Junction .  Good peeps, cold drinks, warm sun, lots of wind.   Easy breezy perfect little Saturday!

Clint and I ended the day back in Omaha for some dinner before calling it a night.


Dinker’s claims to have the BEST burger in Omaha.  I’d have to agree.   Holy YUM!

Sunday:  A morning run that left me gasping for air, baths for the babies, loud music that the Jehovies surely enjoyed with us, snuggle time with Champ, grocery shopping, laundry, meal prep, lawn mowing, tv watching, easy day with my hubs.


Cheers to a fabulous weekend!


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