Weekend in Review | June 19-21st

Have I mentioned how much I ❤  summer?   Weekends are always packed full of cool stuff and I love every second of it.


I had a half day at work thanks to a few appointments in the early afternoon.  Friday’s off at noon are always sweet!    Around 2 I got a call from Tyree asking if I wanted to go out to Dillon Harley-Davidson to test ride an Indian Motorcycle.  Apparently they were doing demo rides all day Friday, so why not?


I was able to ride a  Scout while Tyree rode the Dark Horse.   We set off in a group from Dillon’s and went for about a 25 minute ride.   My little nugget of a motorcycle definitely had some get up and go as did Tyree’s.  They were fun to ride, but I am 100% loyal to my Harley.  Plus, I am a firm believer that motorcycles should be loud and proud.  These babies purred like a  little kitten.

indian cycles

After we got done test riding the cycles, we decided to forego the original plan of Tyree going to the gym and me going jean shopping and instead opted for a road trip to Waterloo.   I had the Freedom Panels out of the Jeep and it was a gorgeous day, so why not?

A couple shots might have happened too…



Around 5:30 we headed back to the city to pick up our men and our Harley’s to make our way to Ashland, NE for none other than the Testicle Festival.




For those wondering about the taste, I can say there really wasn’t one.   The breading kind of masked any flavor, if you ask me.

Friday ended up being pretty darn great.   The weather was perfect, the drinks were cold, the company was fabulous and the ride was absolutely gorgeous.



Clint, Me, Tyree and Cole.

We left Ashland around sunset and headed to Heron Bay for a night cap and conversation by the river.   Even though that bar could use some love and the owner is a little off her rocker, it is hands down one of my favorite places to hang when the sun starts setting.   Cool breeze off the river and background music makes for a relaxing time.


I finally went for a run.   3 miles of humid, hot as hell, lungs burning, hip screaming, music blaring awesomeness.   FINALLY!


That was good for the soul!

Home for some breakfast and a selfie with the hubs…


Hello, last nights eye makeup.  Woah.

A shower, change of clothes and my new KICKS…


And then it was time.

Time to take the whole darn top off of my Jeep!

…for the FIRST TIME!!!!


8 bolts, two people, 10 minutes, DONE!



Clint and I ran a few errands, cruised the city of Omaha and had a friggin’ blast.  I am in serious Love.


If you follow either of us on Facebook, pay attention to my musings on here and/or know my husband… then you also know he’s a smart-ass.   His Facebook post and pic of the day:

clint quote

And that my friends is my life.  Always laughing.   Always anticipating the next wisecrack outta that guys mouth.

Dang, I sure am a lucky gal.


Clint spent the rest of the day doing work in and out of the garage while I went jean shopping.


We ended the night with a few cocktails and a movie at home.  It was superb.  My new fave?   Pink lemonade crystal light with coconut vodka.   Oh, hello summer yummyness.



Father’s Day.

I don’t have much to say about the title of the day.   I can say I am blessed to have had and still have some pretty darn awesome father figures in my life.  My stepdad Dave, my father-in-laws Gary and Gaylen, my uncles, grandpas, my father…

I had planned to go to Clarinda to hang with a few of them, but people were busy, had other plans, were “unavailable”, etc.   So, with that, I sent Clint on his way to spend his afternoon with his dad, Kyle and other family members.

fathers day

Kennedy, J, Gary, Clint and Kyle

They spent the afternoon riding horses and ended the day with a BBQ.   I think they all had a great time!

fathers day 2

I, on the other hand, stayed back in Omaha to just be me.

I went for a run to clear my head followed up with a weight training sesh at the gym.


Thanks, Zorinsky

Took off for some Jeep cruising


My other wind therapy

And then went shopping for a few necessities, picked up a couple “wants” along the way, and ended my day with some Champ time, cooking, cleaning and TV.


The perfect end to a pretty perfect weekend.


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