Music Monday | Dirty Diana | Shaman’s Harvest

Music Monday 

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Who doesn’t love music?   And who doesn’t like to be exposed to new artists/songs/genres?  Music is such a large part of my life as it is for many others in this world.  My particular taste in music has definitely evolved over the years, but so does music in general.

How boring of a world we’d live in if it weren’t for the multitude of genre’s out there to explore.

Did you know? 

  • When I was in High School I drove to Omaha (180 miles round trip) every Sunday to participate in the Omaha Youth Orchestra?
  • In my early 20’s I traveled to Omaha (still 180 miles since I lived in Clarinda) every Monday evening and occasional weekends to participate in the Nebraska Wind Symphony?
  • Oh… there’s the part where I was a band and vocal teacher for 6 years as well.

That’s all part of my history (perhaps I’ll indulge in more of that later) but what I want to focus on today is a new band I am digging.  And quite possibly a new weekly feature.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Music Monday | Where I will feature an artist and a song I am currently crushing on.

We’ll see how long I can keep up on it.  It’ll be a new challenge for me.


Shaman’s Harvest


Song:  Dirty Diana

(remake of Michael Jackson’s original)

Listen-> YouTube


I stumbled upon their cover of Dirty Diana not that long ago.   Intrigued, I headed over to iTunes to take a quick listen to a few originals.   Verdict:  A band I could easily dig on.  A nice blend of Rock with Southern elements.   A band I’d definitely love to see in a small venue, such as Sokol (Come on Omaha… hint hint).

Hailing from Jefferson, Missouri; this band is made up of three core members Matt Fisher, Josh Hamler and Nathan Hunt.  From the band’s beginning in Fisher’s mom’s basement, these three have served as the foundation of Shaman’s Harvest since 1996.  Many ups, many downs, many hits, recordings and trips to the big cities, this band continues to churn out good tunes.

Learn more about the band:

Other Shaman’s Harvest songs worth a listen:




One thought on “Music Monday | Dirty Diana | Shaman’s Harvest

  1. I LOVE this version! I heard Shaman’s Harvest a few years ago & then it’s like they disappeared? But then I heard this on the radio earlier this summer & played it non-stop for a long time!


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