Harvest 2017 | Goecker Farms


Harvest 2017 is in full swing and as the long days and short nights are just gearing up for our farming families, I want to remind you to thank a farmer today.  And everyday.





Saturday I headed down to Clarinda to spend a little time catching up and reminiscing with my own farming family.   Grandpa spared no time in reminding me of the many times I used to ride with him late into the evening as a young girl and serenade him with what I am sure were some of the BEST children’s Sunday School songs.

This Little Light of Mine, anyone?


I spared all of them with the singing this go ’round.  Can’t imagine my song choices would interest him much these days. 🙂


A few hours in the field and I had to be making my way back to the concrete city lights, but my heart was certainly filled to the brim with warmth and happiness.



Best wishes to all our farmers on a successful harvest.




One thought on “Harvest 2017 | Goecker Farms

  1. Great pictures of some pretty amazing neighbors!

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