{Biker Feature} Anna and Lora

Mid-September I had the opportunity to travel up to Desoto National Park to meet up with Biker B’s Lora and Anna for a fun photo sesh.   I tell you what… these practice sessions for me have been a ton of fun and I have quite a few gorgeous, talented, funny, hot as hell, kind hearted, witty and badass biker friends.   Dammnnnnn…



These two chicks are genuine, grateful, humble, easy to work with and so kind.   I’m doing these sessions for free and fun (since I don’t know what I am doing) and these little sneaks gave me a little gift anyway.   Like I said, their hearts are big.


I don’t want to give away too many of their photos, so I will leave you with just a few more to enjoy.

Thanks, Lora and Anna for a FUN night!

The 43 bug bites I had as an aftermath were SO worth it. 😉





3 thoughts on “{Biker Feature} Anna and Lora

  1. Great job!!

  2. Jordan your the best! Thanks for doing this for us! Love them and you of course!!!!

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