Just Flockin’ Around

Summer 2019 is when it began. The Flamingo FandomFlocking Fiasco.  Whatever you want to call it, I am here for it.

We were sitting around having a few beverages with Tyree and Cole when the random topic of flamingos came up, and just like that, an idea was hatched, a secret order of Flamingo’s was made and the wait began.

It wasn’t until three months later when an invitation to meet Cole and Tyree in Benson for a Husker watch party provided us a window of opportunity to flock their yard.   Wait… Husker watch party?

Y’all.  Clint never turns down an opportunity to heckle Husker fans.


Once in Benson, we enjoyed plenty of food and drink, where Clint flawlessly sprinkled flamingo jargon into conversations without anyone suspecting a thing.  Our three month plan was coming to an end, and with one Husker loss and a lost bet later, we made our way home knowing T&C were in for a fun surprise.

And so, Fall 2019, the flocking tradition was born.


Two months later, Tyree and I found ourselves wanting to spread some cheer to Tracy who had been recovering from surgery, and on 6:30am on December 1st, we made it happen.


And then we waited.

Surely she’d post on social media? Or suspect us and send a text.

But we got nothing. 

By that evening we brought her sister into the secret.


December 2nd:


So, we send her some flamingo memes instead.  You know… make her think a little.  Keep her on her toes.   That’s what good friends do, right?


The memes went back and forth for a while before she finally got it.


Let me detour here for a moment and draw your attention back to the Benson scene and the lost bet.

First rule at the party?  Never bet Clint.  Stakes are high.  And in this case, the loser of the bet won a Hawkeye tattoo.  And four months later, it was time for that Husker fan to pay up.

It just so happens that Tyree was coordinating a surprise party for Cole-man as he had just graduated nursing school, so the tattoo and a fun night out with friends served as the perfect front.

Ty got the tat:

Cole got the surprise:



Back to this flamingo business.

2020 brought a surprise marriage and new last name for Tracy, so mid-March at the start of the pandemic, we ambushed her again wearing very reliable COVID gear and shooters of whiskey.

A Surprise Wedding Shower, COVID style.

…And the bish had the audacity to ignore our FaceTime from her driveway.

In the end, we got her.  Half-showered and all.





This ambush quickly turned into another flocking adventure, with Jamie as the target.


6 hours later… Jamie turned the tables:


Then COVID really hit the fan.  Clint and I passed the time with card parties with our quarantined buddies and the occasional icing of unsuspecting friends.

Spreading Cheer when the Pirtles are near.




August came around, as did Tyree and I’s 40th.  I guess we’ve made our mark with the flamingo nonsense.

Rolling with it.


Back to flocking yards again.  It takes time and patience.  Arrangements had been made for an October girls trip to Weston, MO, and so a full year after the first flocking, our pink friends found their new nesting place at Jessica’s.

Slight derail when we found Luke home working on the house, but we forged ahead anyway.  And when the two folks who were helping with the home projects asked what the flamingos meant, we told them Luke was a swinger, hopped in the truck, and moved along for Luke to navigate that one.



Weston was windy and filled with a ridiculous number of people, but we found ourselves good food and drinks and of course, enjoyed the good company.

We didn’t exactly think this flocking through as Jess rode home with us on Sunday morning.  As we were rolling into her driveway she noticed the flamingo’s, but ever so smoothly I blurted out:

“TRACY!  That sneaky bish!”

Since Tracy was unable to join us that weekend, she became the perfect person to blame. Next Jess would text Tracy and it would become a thing

… oh this was going to be good!


And the tale of the traveling Flamingo Flock continues…


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