Outside My Fashion Comfort Zone

This outfit.

Huge leap outside the ol comfort zone for me.

Why?  The skinny jeans/leggings look.   It’s a fine line for me.

Sure, I wear leggings all the time.

At the gym.

And they’re workout leggings.

They belong there.

 These leggings actually look and wear like jeans, but they are black and stretchy, so leggings or not, I don’t know.   The whole stretchy /skinny pant thing is still a weird concept to me.    Some people rock them so well.  Me?   It brings forth a panicky self-conscious feeling.

Anyway  – the point?  I love this cardigan.  And I LOVE LOVE my new boots. I needed a way to wear them both.

So, I threw on the outfit, feeling a little less than confident and went out to finish my Christmas shopping.

And guess what?

I received three random compliments.  Three!   What the hell is that?    Thank you random people at the Harley store, Buckle and Express!   You totally made my day!

Feeling a little less awkward now with my clothing choice.

But I still have an issue with leggings.  That isn’t going away anytime soon.




Where to shop for items:

Boots:  DSW

Cardigan: Last season Alloy but also can find it here

Pants: Target

Hat: Kohls – like 7 years ago – and if it ever falls apart on me I will be devastated.

Midtown Crossing- Ladies Night Recap!

This last Wednesday I participated in Ladies Night at Glo Lounge, Midtown Crossing, located right here in Omaha, NE.

I had a lot of fun getting acquainted with a few other Omaha Bloggers and playing dress up with clothes loaned from Me & Me Boutique!

Me and Me

Photo Courtesy: Me & Me

Lisa, the owner of Me & Me is an absolute gem!  She is incredibly spunky and has a unique eye for fashion.  I highly recommend swinging in and checking out her store.  Rumor has it she has some KILLER get-ups and purses for sale. 🙂

To start the evening, Ashley of If You Give A Girl A Ring and I met up at Me & Me to be outfitted with two different looks.   Look one for me consisted of black skinny jeans, an olive green top, scarf that Lisa suggested I wear as a shawl and a cute purse to throw over the shoulder.  This was a unique pairing of colors and not something I would have put together on my own.  I appreciate Lisa’s vision.


The shoes… totally mine.  And I am in love. 🙂

After we put on our first outfits, we walked half a block to Glo Lounge to mingle, drink a pomegranate martini (YUM!) and work the room.


The Omaha Bloggers!

Ashley is to my left.  Is her outfit just not adorable?  That hat!  Yes!   You can find all the pieces to her look from Me & Me, including those killer shoes that you unfortunately can’t see in this pic.

Jessica of Finding Joy is located on the left and is wearing an outfit put together from The Ugly Sister.  Jessica is also the owner of Confetti Creations and makes the yummiest cakes and most ADORABLE bow ties for little boys.

Danielle (far right) of Martinis and Minivans is also wearing The Ugly Sister.   Danielle’s blog is absolutely hysterical.  Love her contagious personality and outlook on life.

 On to Look #2:


I am loving the new jumper look for the summer.    So comfortable and cute.  I would love this in solid black!  I’m all over that!


And Ashley’s yellow dress is gorgeous!  Is she just not the cutest?  I think she needs to add this to her closet collection!


My girls Tyree and Carrie came out to support.  Of course they’d throw in a selfie pic that I later found on my camera.  Funny gals… 🙂


It was a fun evening at Glo Lounge and I am loving the vibe in Midtown Crossing.  I can’t wait for the outdoor concerts that will be starting up fairly soon!


Ladies Night: Midtown Crossing

ladies night

Calling all Omaha Metro Area Ladies! 

It is time for a Girls Night Out! 

Round up your favorite gals and join me this Wednesday for a night of martinis and fashion while we dream of summer time, tan lines and patio cocktails.

See the latest fashion trends from Me & Me Boutique first hand as myself and local blogger Ashley, will be sporting a variety of outfits throughout the evening.

I promised to not spill a single drop of my martini (s) on my chosen outfits, so I am now accepting applications for a wing-woman to help ensure that I stick to that promise. 🙂

Trends from The Ugly Sister will also be on display and modeled by Omaha Bloggers Jessica and Megan!

Midtown Crossing’s Ladies Night Fashion Experience: Color Your World
Hosted by Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska

Where:  Glo Lounge, inside Marcus Midtown Cinema
When:    Wednesday, March 12th, 6-8pm
Why:      See local bloggers modeling fashions from Me & Me and The Ugly Sister, as you enjoy drink specials and a night out with the girls!

Incentive:  $4 Specialty Martinis and Full Menu Availability

Register to win a $50 Midtown Crossing Gift Card

Midtown Crossing is where it’s at!

midtown crossing

Mark it on your calendar!  See you ladies there!


Special THANKS to Danielle of Martinis and Minivans for coordinating all the Omaha Bloggers to attend these awesome Ladies Nights!

Disclosure: I am receiving a gift card in exchange for this post and attendance at the event.

You’ve Got Mail

I love getting the mail.

Even if it’s just bills hanging out in that little black box, there is still something exciting about walking to my mailbox and getting mail that was sent just to me.  I know… weird.

But, what’s even better is when there is a box to open!


Yesterday I received my candle order from San Jacinto Candle based out of Texas. I have talked about these candles before, and I can’t say enough great things about them.   Each candle is made with love as they are hand poured with 100% sparkling palm wax.  And the scents are fantastic!

My favorite scents are Dickens Christmas, Pumpkin Pie Spice and Hot Apple Pie.

This round I ordered Birthday Cake and Creme Brulee.  The hubs thinks the birthday cake smells like Angel Food Cake, which happens to be one of his most favorite desserts. =)  I can’t wait to burn them to see what aroma it produces.

And bonus!  I also received a tart and air freshner to test.  How great is that?


Did I mention that this company is owned and run by my sweet sister, Missy?  If you have been following me for a while, you probably already know that, but I am proud of her and the products she is producing so of course I have to gloat on her a little more!

san jacinto

Find San Jacinto Products here:



Make sure to order one or two.  You won’t be disappointed.

do it

So, I have to tell you, I am just shy of 10 weeks from the Lincoln Half Marathon.

10 weeks!!!

YIKES!  Time to start training, for real!   Sunday I was able to get out and run 3 easy miles.


I haven’t been out to pound the pavement in a VERY long time, and it felt great!   Not to mention, we had just gotten home from a 10 hour car ride.  We spent the weekend with family skiing in Colorado!  SO FUN!  That recap to come soon.


My training plan isn’t as strict as it should be.  However, between teaching TurboKick 6 times a week, doing Insanity on my own to build up strength and stamina so I can start teaching it in a few weeks, plus working a Full Time job AND teaching Education classes for a University at night, my open times are slim to none.  Clearly.

My training will definitely be weekend warrior style.  Anyone else do that?  Not sure this is the best plan, but I am going to give it a go.  My only goal is to beat last years time of 2:10.  I am determined and competitive enough that I will do it, I have no doubts. 🙂

Speaking of my Education classes… I scheduled their Final Test Review for last night.  I transferred tests questions into a Jeopardy PowerPoint.  Who knew that playing Jeopardy would still be fun for College Juniors as it was when I taught 7th and 8th graders.   Studying made fun!   It’s good for all ages!


We were taking a mini-break in this photo.  =)

I hope you all had a great Monday and that Tuesday is off to a good start as well.


Weekend in Review- David Nail, Pitchers of Margaritas, Volleyball and Shopping!




Friday in a nutshell included copious amounts of Vodka Red Bull, Friends, Lot’s of Laughing and Killer Music by David Nail at the Whiskey Roadhouse in Council Bluffs, IA.

Is he not just adorable?


My favorite songs of his right now include Catch You While I Can and Strangers on a Train

Us gals met for pre-drinks and dinner around 5:30 before heading over to the concert venue at 6:30.  It was already PACKED and he didn’t go on stage until after 9.  Didn’t bother us.  We scored a table thanks to a couple splitting early and we kept the drinks a coming.


ImageTyree and I


Carrie and Tyree


Before we had too many drinks


After too many drinks. 

Camera couldn’t even keep up with those stellar moves.

Cheers to a pretty fantastic Friday Night!



Shopping.  I started off shopping for a couple of new workout shirts as I desperately needed to add a few to my rotation.  I walked away with some shirts.   And some shoes.  

Do I dare say a couple pair?

#nikeairmaxprobs   #bestillmyheart

One could say Nike and I have quite a great working relationship.



I think I have a fair representation in my closet of every year of Nike Air Max starting with the 2005’s.  No shame in admitting that.   They have been the best shoe for all my high impact exercise and activities.  There is just enough cushion with the perfect arch support and room in the toe box. 

Yesterday I added another 2013 pair to my collection (grey and lime green) because they were on sale.  

And I just couldn’t take my eyes off the 2014’s.  OH. MY!

Nike.  You have figured it out.   The Flyknit and cushioning.  Seriously, best yet.  I can’t wait to try these babies out tomorrow while I teach my Turbo Class!  (Check out The 2014’s <——–).

Nike… seriously.  We should form a real live working deal. 


Saturday night we went to dinner with Clint’s mom and family at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant.   If you are ever in the Ralston, NE area, this is a MUST.   We went at 5:30pm and it was already packed with a wait.  Such a popular place to eat.  For good reason as well!

The taco’s are hands-down my favorite.


We shared two pitchers of margaritas as well.   Ya, we know how to do it up.



We capped off the night watching The Great Gatsby.   I don’t really know what I thought of the movie.  It was different.  Eccentric?  Can I describe it using that word?  Ya.  Works for me.



Spent the morning with my Goecker family watching my cousin play volleyball and the afternoon talking on the phone (not kidding), editing photos, lesson planning and Grammy watching. 


Cheers to a GREAT week my friends!