Half Marathon Training Recaps



Half Marathon Training Recap: Weekend Warrior Style

Still only running on the weekends.  At this point it’s a test.  A test to see how much my time changes in comparison to my first half marathon when I trained 3-4 days a week last year.

Two weekends ago I did an 8 miler.  And it sucked.  Did you read about it —–> 8 Miles of Suck


Last weekend: Another 8 Miler.  It was an easy, smooth, not too windy, pleasant as running 8 miles can be, run.



And, so, yesterday I set out for 9 miles.

I plan out my run so I am going INTO the wind the first leg which should mean that it’s at my back on my return.

One would think, anyway.

But I SWEAR to you, the wind changes.

Every. Dang. Time.  

What do you WANT from me, wind?  Give it up.




Ya, those flags are standing straight out.   Welcome to my day.


Instead of staying on the Big Papio Trail, I crossed over and did a portion on the Keystone Trail as well.



Ya’ll know my affinity for bridges.




This was a ridiculously tough run due to the wind.  Nearly 30 seconds added to each mile compared to last weeks.  OUCH!

But, what doesn’t kill you makes ya stronger, right?



Something like that.



Until next weekend!





8 Miles of Sore Legs, Cramps and Lost Glove

As of yesterday I have 6 weeks left before my second ever half-marathon.

Last year around this time I was running 4-5 days a week.

This time?


I am what you call a weekend warrior.   Running during the week just doesn’t work for me.  I teach 6-8 fitness classes a week.  In order to keep my energy levels high for my classes, I fore-go running during the week day.

We will see what that does to my Half-marathon goal time.  It is an interesting test, that’s for sure!

Today’s run was Brutal.

Straight. Up. Awful.

Last weeks 7 miler felt like a cake walk.  Today’s 8 I knew was going to be ROUGH before I had even hit 1/4 mile.

But, I set my mind to it.  I wasn’t taking walking as my answer.  So what that I hurt?  So what that I was already winded?  So what that it was cold?  So what that my pace was slow as molasses?  So what?

You set a goal.  You do it.  No excuses. 

Let me take you through my little joggy-jog.

Mile 1 was rough.  Just straight brutal. Worst mile time I have had in probably over a year.

Mile 1.1– stepped into the grass to tuck my Under Armour shirt in.  How annoying when it starts riding up.  UGH!  Thought maybe the 30 second rest would rejuvenate me.

Ya, nope.

Mile 2 wasn’t much better.  And I got passed.

I wanted to think “bastards“.

I made myself think “motivation to keep up”.


Mile 3- Construction zone.  Please no cops.  I sure don’t need a ticket for trespassing during this stupid run.  COME ON, Omaha.  Let’s get this Pacific street bridge finished already.  There is a whole other stretch of the trail that I want to see!

Mile 3.2– Back through the construction zone thanks to missing sidewalks.  Guess they actually meant it when they placed those signs saying ‘No Access’


Mile 4– Ok, feeling good.  Legs are looser.  Feeling a little warm.  Removing gloves and putting in pocket.   Met this friendly lady who smiled and said something to me.  Music is loud my friend, no idea what you just said to me, so I just smile and wave.

Mile 4.5 – WIND!  COLD WIND!  Hands are freezing.  Reach for gloves.

DANGIT!   Lost one.

I wonder if that’s what the lady was telling me….

Turn around and head back looking for lost glove.

Mile 5– Found my glove!


Mile 6– Deep breaths, stretch the torso.  Seriously cramps… you need to make a swift exit, stat.


Mile 6.5– Thank the Lord, no more cramps.

Mile 7– Ya,  I can do one more mile!  NO problem.   I’ve GOT THIS!


Mile 7.5– That was the worst idea EVER!


Mile 8–  I see my Jeep!  Oh thank heavens!  IT’S OVER!

I love my Jeep, I love my Jeep, I Love my Jeep.

Must stretch.

NO, do not sit!



So, as you can tell… I had many times where I could have just thrown in the towel.  But, I didn’t.  I stuck to it and finished.  My split times were the highest they’ve been in a long time, but that’s ok.  It wasn’t a race today.  I knew it wasn’t going to be a PR kind of day from the get-go, so throwing my goal pace out the window was necessary.

I finished.  That was the goal. 

So, set your goals for the day and achieve them, friends.

Then come back here and tell me alllll about it!