Half Marathon Training Recaps



Half Marathon Training Recap: Weekend Warrior Style

Still only running on the weekends.  At this point it’s a test.  A test to see how much my time changes in comparison to my first half marathon when I trained 3-4 days a week last year.

Two weekends ago I did an 8 miler.  And it sucked.  Did you read about it —–> 8 Miles of Suck


Last weekend: Another 8 Miler.  It was an easy, smooth, not too windy, pleasant as running 8 miles can be, run.



And, so, yesterday I set out for 9 miles.

I plan out my run so I am going INTO the wind the first leg which should mean that it’s at my back on my return.

One would think, anyway.

But I SWEAR to you, the wind changes.

Every. Dang. Time.  

What do you WANT from me, wind?  Give it up.




Ya, those flags are standing straight out.   Welcome to my day.


Instead of staying on the Big Papio Trail, I crossed over and did a portion on the Keystone Trail as well.



Ya’ll know my affinity for bridges.




This was a ridiculously tough run due to the wind.  Nearly 30 seconds added to each mile compared to last weeks.  OUCH!

But, what doesn’t kill you makes ya stronger, right?



Something like that.



Until next weekend!





2 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Recaps

  1. We need to run together. Or not. You would probably kick my booty. Buuuuut I’m dying to train for my second half. When is yours? Are you doing Lincoln?


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