Joke’s on You

We had a little fun at work today playing up the April Fools Day Pranks… work appropriate of course.


Scene 1: The break room refrigerator within our Department.



The word on the street is a few coworkers fell for it.  One even quickly took ice out of the freezer but questioned why the lights were still working.


Scene 2: The copier

voice activated


One employee was overheard stating how silly it was that the institution was spending money on making the copiers voice activated when we could be spending money elsewhere.

Word is another employee actually fell for it.


Scene 3: An email was sent out to our department to enjoy the brownies in the break room. They were in for a surprise when they lifted the foil.




They look delicious, yes?


Scene 4: The printer in the middle of the hallway.




This little number is outside my office door, so I had the luxury of hearing the laughs, watching the double takes and the smiles that inevitably crept up on their faces.



I may or may not be a part of a little group that is working on boosting morale, bringing happiness and providing a little fun to our daily life within our department.


And I may or may not have played a little part in these light-hearted pranks.


Tell Me:

Did you have a little April Fools Day Fun at work or home?

Happy Tuesday, Friends!






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