2015 Holstein Harley Davidson Women’s Run

Saturday, May 23rd marked the 2015 Holstein’s Harley All Women’s Run.  Always a fun filled day with a bunch of like minded ladies on two-wheels.

The day always starts with kickstands up at 11am, so around 10:15 I headed down to the garage to load up and head out.

And then…



Bummer!   Tried calling and texting the hubster and got crickets.   Cue the sad music.  Tyree text in the meantime and said she would come over and hang with me until we found a solution.

At about 10:50 I got an apologetic call from the hubs stating he was on the way!


Ha!  Oops!   Totally both our faults on this one since Clint and I both had left the house that morning and neither one even thought twice about the road block.  Duh.

Tyree was there shortly afterwards and we were able to catch up with the crew on 72nd street.

First stop: Crescent, IA.






Forecast: 75.   Real life: 62 and cloudy.  Biker Life: Leather up and soak it in.



Snack Time!


Liz and Kimi


Second Stop: Neola, IA


Liz & I.  This chick is my jam!


Me, Jen and Liz


That cutie DeAnn.

Wonder what Regeana is eyeing?


Anna and Lora

PS – Thanks for the pics, Lora.  I swiped a few or 10.


Pepper, Me and Jen!


Regeana, DeAnn, Heather, Kristen and Anna


Da girls



Third Stop: Avoca, IA

Had my first malfunction with my new bags on the way to Avoca.  Didn’t get latched.  Lid flying wide open.   #dontjudgeme #nocluehowtohandlethesedamnbags #hashtagbecauseican


Girl talk, cuz girls talk.



Jenn and Tina met up with us in Avoca.


Just love this girl. ❤ Heart of gold.


And these two are like long-lost-foul-mouthed-sarcastic sisters.   Hilarious duo right here.  I anticipate the 10th annual B!tch run to be full of shenanigans with these two involved.


Tyree, me, Kristen and Tina.  4 of the 7 Vegas girls.

Cyndi, Carrie and Jess… we had a drink on your behalf, I am sure. 😉

Fourth Stop: Oakland, IA


Gosh, I love these two.   Kristen and her spit-fire ways and Suze – the calm, mama bear who looks out for us all.   One of the kindest, most tender loving woman I know.   You instantly feel so comfortable and at ease when she is around.   Beautiful soul that girl.  Just beautiful. ❤

Kristen was ready to get the crew back to Holstein’s at the appropriate time, so she bounced a little earlier then a smaller group of us.  This happened when Kristen realized Tina wasn’t going to be making the trip to Omaha with us…


Through the fence, no less.



And then there were 6.

Jenn and Tina took off back to Clarinda while Tyree, myself, Kimi and Liz headed back to Omaha to close out the night at Holstein’s with the rest of the crew.


Sassy group of women right here, huh, Marcy?


Pam & Marcy



And, THAT’S a wrap, folks.

Cheers to Summer 2015!

Biker B!tch Winter Sucks Party | 2015


Oh these girls.

These girls…

The 2015 Winter Sucks Biker B!tch party sure didn’t disappoint.   From shots, to climbing fences and posing seductively with masks to an all night dancing affair… it’s never a dull moment when you hang out long enough with sassy biker chicks such as these.

We started the evening at Joe Banana’s for dinner, drinks and shots.  Who ordered the shots??!!  Aye, yeyey…



Joe Banana’s filled us full of liqour and good laughs, that I can say!










We have a baby biker in the making. ❤


Annnnddddd creepy face courtesy of yours truly!


One should never take themselves too seriously…



Once fully primed we hoofed it to the bar just down the block.  It shall remain unnamed because it SUCKED.   They clearly didn’t want our business nor were they in any sort of hurry to serve us drinks.  One would think they’d be all over a group of women who just happen to be THE ONLY people in the bar.   Good luck keeping your doors open, peeps.   Good luck.


Mooooving on!


Can’t take these girls anywhere.

ANYWHERE I tell ya.

Oh, wait.  Yes you can.  This is what makes shit fun.   Letting loose and having fun with your girlfriends.   Ahh… winter doesn’t suck so bad.

At this point we hit up three bars.  It might have gotten a little fuzzy for me so I am not certain which bar is which, so I will just post the photos and you can guess.

Who knew you’d be playing a guessing game today on the ol’ H&H page, eh!?















To end the night a group of us went to Chrome Lounge to dance into the wee hours of the morning… and apparently selfies with Liz were of utmost importance.






And Heidi’s hair?   SMASHING, dauling.



Regeana is thoroughly impressed.



Cheers to a great Reunion!


And now the 5 month wait until the 10th Anniversary of the Biker B!tch beginnings.

❤ ❤

Love my girls.


Holstein Harley Davidson Women’s Run

Holstein Harley Davidson

Omaha, Nebraska

All Women’s Run – May 31st, 2014


Each year, Holstein’s Harley puts on a Women’s Only cruise.   It’s a tradition that is holding steady and each year more and more women turn out for it.

Our 2014 route took us through Oakland, Iowa -> Harlan, Iowa -> Neola, IA -> Council Bluffs, IA.




The event is organized by Kristen, Holstein’s Motorclothes Manager.    She put together a flawless event this year, covering every detail imaginable.  From creating a route with the least resistance, fuel stops perfect for those with peanut tanks, solid 25 mile or more distances between each stop, lunch details to raffle prizes – the girl had it all.

Unfortunately, Kristen’s father passed away unexpectedly the day before the event.   As Kristen dealt with the loss of her father, numerous women stepped up to the plate to help out in anyway possible.   Kristen’s dear friend, Suze, reached out to Tyree to help her lead the pack and Tyree in return asked for my assistance as the route hit up all the Iowa bars that I was used to.   Several ladies stepped up and helped with the check-in and announcement making.

A biker community banding together – one of the many reasons I love the two-wheeled life.

Good people.

After we dedicated the ride to Kristen and her dad, we loaded up and headed out.

Thanks to Holstein Harley for the first three pics


There we go!  Front of the pack!


Watch out fellas.   Us chicks know what’s up.


Thanks to the Riders for Christ in the road blocking assistance.  We made it out of Holstein’s safely!

The first goal of the ride was to just get out of the Omaha Metro area.  We crossed the bridge into Iowa and stopped briefly to get the girls back together again.   Street lights in Omaha are abundant!










Marcy’s Posse 


This is Marcy and her new man, Jared.   😉


Next up?  Oakland, Iowa!



(thanks Traci – I swiped your photo)


Marcy’s Posse (Thanks Kim- swiped your pic too!)

Next up: Harlan, IA


Clearly the red cage didn’t get the memo








Thanks Lora for the pic!

Next up: Neola, IA






Last Stop: Salty Dog, Council Bluffs, IA














The day was a big hit and a ton of fun!  New friends, many miles and memories to last a lifetime.


Thanks Tyree for letting me be a co-pilot with you.  I think we did alright!


I’ve got you, babe.

Oh, You Ride a Motorcycle?

We’ve all been there.  We meet someone new and we attempt to start a conversation.  Often the conversation starters default to career choice or the weather.  Other times the topic might be connected to something more personal, like what the person is wearing or what they are driving.

And then you have the conversations revolving around the fact you ride a motorcycle.

While I  respect the attempt at striking up a conversation, there are just some things better left unsaid.

In the spirit of keeping this lighthearted, take my opinions with a grain of salt

and a shot of tequila.

Keep Talking

Top Annoying Questions to Ask A Biker

1. Can I Sit on It?

Checking out motorcycles is what we do.  Whether at the store, outside a restaurant, bike night or a rally; bikers walk around, look at others rides, dream, take mental notes, make wish-lists and maybe even snap a few pictures.  Guaranteed you will find someone making lovey-dovey looks at another persons bike.

That is where the admiration ends.  Don’t be that guy and ask:

“Can I sit on your bike?”

Maybe next time I get that question I should answer with —>  “Sure you can sit on it!  Can I have the keys to your car as well?  I’d love to get in it, maybe take a few selfies behind the wheel, turn the radio on, roll the windows down… you know”.

don't touch


2. Did You Ride Today?

Maybe a few coworkers know you ride.  Or, you’re at the grocery store and you have some Harley-Davidson gear on.   Outside, it is noticeably miserable and not ideal riding weather.    Naturally, someone will ask

“Did you ride today”

…..as they chuckle and give you a little elbow nudge.

Yep, buddy.  Sure did!



3. “YOU know how to ride THAT?”

Oh, no, no, no.  Don’t be silly!   It has this cute little button that when I push it, the bike magically goes VROOM down the interstate in the direction I want it to go.



4. A little too much power for a woman, don’t you think?

What does that even mean?

Please, let me introduce you to these lovely ladies, who, as a matter of fact ride their own machines.

Now, what was that question, again?

8th annual


5.  So You’re An Organ Donor.

I don’t know how many times I have heard “You know that doctors and nurses call bikers organ donors don’t you?”

Great!  But, please tell me how riding a motorcycle makes me any more of an organ donor then a runner, or a cyclist, or a person walking across a major intersection, or a person changing their tire on the side of the road?   At any time freak accidents happen.  Aren’t we all essentially walking organ donors?

But, thanks for the heads-up on what other people say about us.  I was very concerned.


6. Don’t Crash

Well shit… There goes my plan for the evening.


And Lastly:

7. What About All the Bugs That Hit You?

They Die.



Trying to find a way to strike up a conversation with a biker?  Perhaps, when did you start riding, might be a good place to start.

Or even better… Why do you ride?

We may stick around to tell you all about it!



Your Turn!

Have any you’d add to the list?