Sunday Prep- Inside The Madness that is My Brain

This week is the beginning stages of a very chaotic two months.  In order to stay ahead, my GOAL is to make Sunday my Prep Day.

As in food prep, clothes prep, work prep, class prep.



My Turbo Kick classes at the YMCA start up again on Tuesday and Thursday.   Super excited to teach the new Round!

The education class that I am teaching for a local University starts this week as well.  We meet on Monday and Thursday evenings.   Last time I checked the roster I had all new students that I haven’t had before!  Yay for new faces!

I am also training the employee that is taking over my current position so I will be in and out of my office each day, which is good and bad.  I appreciate the gradual transition into my new position but I am also ready to just get going.

Next week I add Turbo classes on Monday and Wednesday, so I figured now was a good time to trial run my prep work.

My week at a glance:

January week 1 prep


My plan is to do most meal prep on Sunday, however, the thought of making food on Sunday and not eating it until Friday seriously grosses me out.  Yuck.  So, for now I am prepping through Wednesday.

That idea sits a little better in my overly sensitive belly.

My plan for the times I am away from home:

January week 1 foodprep

Creating a plan is step 1!

Anyway, this morning started at 5am.  No idea why I was up at that time, but I was, so I rolled with it.  First thing: get the fire roaring again in our wood stove.   It is cold as all get-out here in Nebraska!   Champ joined me in front of the fire.

He seriously sat with his face pushing into me for a solid 15 minutes.  Funny dog.




The rest of my morning was spent prepping to teach.

Unfortunately, I was having some technical issues with My Virtual Child.  I am teaching a Child and Adolescent Development course and MVC is an electronic program that allows students to ‘raise’ a child from birth to 18.  The program gives scenarios and asks questions at each month of development.  The students answers impact how their ‘child’ will grow and develop.  It is a pretty cool program when working.

I guess MVC didn’t want to work on a Sunday morning at 6am.  Who knew?   Thank goodness the publisher has a 24/7 help line.  My first call to them was at 6:40am.  I wonder where they are located because I would think a person was nuts if they called me for technical help at that hour.




We were able to resolve all issues this morning and MVC is up and running waiting for my students to register!

I finished up prepping for class around noon.  At that time I ran some errands around town and have since mastered my Sunday Goal of prepping through Wednesday!

This is impressive considering I typically spend 20 minutes each morning trying on and taking off outfits due to my indecisiveness.

And food?  Ya right!  Subway or HyVee more often then not.


This prepping thing will be good for my sanity AND wallet.

M/T/W food:



M/T/W work clothes and gym clothes according to my schedule:





Alright!  Week One, Prepped.

Goal achieved.

Let’s see if I can keep this up every week!


Cheers to an exciting week!


Do any of you food prep and/or lay out your clothes the night before?