Professional Development | The Awkward Videos

Part of running my own fitness business allows me to take on an active role in some incredible professional development opportunities.

Usually the words professional development will elicit a less than enthusiastic response from me.   However, when passionate about a subject, a business and the direction it is going, the opportunity to take part in PD is far more appealing.

So, this little post is just a chance for me to poke fun at myself.   I had to create a video presentation for a team of around 40 individuals on a topic.   And then I had to upload it to YouTube.

I was in NO way going to take multiple shots of this.

I wanted it to be real.



Totally 100% me.

So, I did it.  And I posted my first YouTube video as part of this Professional Development seminar.

A few observations:

1. I use my hands a lot.

2. I said I work for a University.

Uh…. since when?  Try Community College, but whatever.

I also said I manage people.   Direct reports: 1.  Indirect reports: 33.  I am not going to explain what this means since I try to keep my FT professional life separate, however, if you work with me, you totally get what I am talking about.

3. Still shots of the video are hysterical.



So, seriously.  This professional development opportunity was actually an assignment.   This assignment turned into so much more for me.

You gotta laugh at yourself.  Learn about yourself.  Know your quirks.

And if you want to see this video?  Tough.  I am not giving it to ya.

Find it yourself.  

Peace out, girlscouts.