Music Monday II

Another installment of Music Monday brings to you a few more must-haves on the ol’ running Playlist.


1) Here’s to Never Growing UpAvril Lavigne

Let’s be honest…. Who really wants to grow up?



2) Kick It In The SticksBrantley Gilbert

Oh, BG.  You had me at your leather jacket, tattoos and your devilish grin.





3) BurnPapa Roach

Don’t tick these fellas off.



4) RoarKaty Perry

Never was a big fan of the song until I watched this kick-ass artistic performance.  You go girl!




5)  You Call Me A Bitch – Halestorm

Like it’s a bad thing?




Music Monday I

Music Monday- Playlist Faves

I love music.

I have music playing constantly with the one exception of work.   My work tasks require attention to detail.   Music sends me on tangents to never never land, so music is off limits.

The importance of music during running days rates very high.  As in, if I forget my earbuds at home, 10 miles away from my trail, I will drive back to get them.

NEED that music to keep me engaged, entertained and moving.



In order to maintain my interest I add, delete and change my playlists frequently.

Below are a few of my favorite songs gracing my playlists right now.  Click on the titles to be taken to the video!


Break Stuff Limp Bizkit

This is hands down my favorite song when I need to blow off some steam!



Adrenalize– In This Moment

Can’t beat a strong woman rocker.




Down With the Sickness– Disturbed

I am a sucker for the 20 second buildup at the beginning.




Rollin’ Air Raid Vehicle– Limp Bizkit

Hands up or hands down, back up back up….




One More Night– Maroon 5

Catchy little tune, ya?



So What– P!nk

This song makes me want to sing out loud, shake my fist and jump around.  No matter where I am at.   And the video?  Fave scene is her on the motorcycle, duh.




Going to Hell– The Pretty Reckless

Cute little actress gone bad.  I dig her.  A lot.




Just The Way You Are– Bruno Mars

Typically I like to run to music that has a hard beat to it and contains a little anger.  It keeps me going.

But Bruno Mars has my heart on this little number.   I especially like it when it comes on towards the end of a long run.  Makes my heart happy.







What are some of your fave songs to run to?