Brewery, Drunk Bus and Music

Moving right along with the 110th Anniversary of Harley Davidson road trip recap…

After a night of soggy sleep thanks to damp tents, we rolled out, ate some breakfast, stopped by a Harley Store for some shopping and then spent the remainder of our Saturday afternoon at the Delafield Brewhaus. This place is absolutely gorgeous!


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The Iowa Hawkeye’s were playing the Illinois Huskies and since the majority of our crew are die-hard IOWA fans, this seemed like the appropriate place to partake in some beer drinking and football watching. But not before we all took turns taking pictures in this ridiculous chair out front.


If you are ever in the Delafield, WI area you MUST stop by the Brewhaus and order a flight of beers and the Cheese and Sausage Platter to start.   Ordering a flight at any brewery is a no-brainer.  You have to try them all, of course!   I was hesitant on ordering the cheese platter as I am incredibly picky when it comes to trying anything other then plain ol’ Colby Jack and Mozzarella, however, I am glad I overcame the hesitation.  Smokey, melt in your mouth, goodness.


After we spent the better part of the afternoon drinking, gabbing and watching football, we hopped back on the bikes and headed back to camp.  It was time for the DRUNK BUS!  Once again, the fine people at the Delafield Legion went above and beyond and reserved a bus for campers to ride into city for the final night of the 110th Celebration.  Hell, yes!  We packed up a few beers for the road trip, loaded the bus, and off we went!


Destination: Summerfest Grounds!  5 stages, multiple bands, tons of food, lots of drinks and some great people watching!  Once we made it downtown we rallied the troup for a group photo, knowing full well that this was our last opportunity before people started wondering off and doing their own thing.  The boys just love pictures.  My husband looks particularly thrilled, doesn’t he?  =/


So, I mentioned the people watching.  Well, while we may think we are the only ones enjoying people watching, others are too, which makes us the source of their stares at times.  Apparently, we have celebrities amongst our group.  This guy wanted a picture of my hubby and John for his magazine.  Not sure the magazine, no idea who he is, but if you see this picture floating around the web somewhere, let me know!  Would love to see where their faces ended up.  ha


On my #1 list of must-see’s?  BRANTLEY GILBERT.  Mind you, I’ve seen him a few times, but come on.  He’s just…. well… you know! Dannngggg.  😉  Tyree joined me at his concert!  Thanks, Tyree!




After Brantley, we hit up Katey Sagal.  NOT what I expected.  The music reminded me of Branson.  You keep doing your thing, Katey, but please keep acting high on the list, will ya?

Next up, ZZ Top and to close out the night, HALESTORM.  Gosh, I love Lzzy Hale.  She rocks out like none other and holy hell can she sing!!  If you have never attended one of their concerts, you must add it to your bucket list.  You will not be disappointed.  Pay attention to her brother on the drums as well.  He is out of this world awesome.

Seriously.  Go see them.  Now.


Our group reunited at the end of the night for the bus ride back to camp.  Surprisingly, our night ended on a fairly low-key level.  I guess we were all anticipating the 500 mile ride home the next day!

Sunday morning we woke up to a gorgeous haze over the campground.  Gosh I love tent camping and biker rally’s.


Our vacation had come to a close.  Another group vacay in the books!  We are already planning our next trip.  Sturgis 2014, here we come!

Until next time….


Question of the day.

Do you vacation with friends?  How often and where do you go?

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