Friday Faves

It’s Friday! Finally, finally Friday. And I’m at DJ’s Dugout drinking a beer.

By myself.

That’s cool.

Actually, meeting two friends afterwhile but I was lucky enough to sneak out of work early.

Helloooo tall, semi-dark and handsome.

Friday Fave 1


Another favorite on this fall Friday is Luke Bryan. I CANNOT get enough of his new album. I admit, when Luke first came on the scene, I had a hard time falling in love. Country Girl Shake it For Me just wasn’t cutting it. But, ladies and gents, I can officially say I love the fella now.

A few fave songs from album:

We Run This Town
Drink A Beer
Play it Again
I See You


Friday Fave 2:


Subway. I’d wither away without my Subway. Well, probably not, but I’d be very sad without it.

The new garlic bread?? Yes, please!

Veggie for me. Lettuce, spinach, pickles, olives, onions and sweet onion sauce. Delicious.

Friday Fave 3:


Short post today. My girls are here! I don’t look like a lonely creeper with no friends at the bar anymore! Score!

What are your favorite things on this beautiful Friday?

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