Ridiculously Awesome Friday


This morning started much like any other day.  Up early, ready to get my workout done and a FB post ready to go up for my private challenge group.  I started off by hitting the hotel gym, which ended up being an 8×8 box with a treadmill and an elliptical, so I took it to the outdoors.   24 degrees and a few miles was a great wake-up call.

Once back in my room I started working on my post for my challengers when I felt the urge to take it in a new direction.   Instead of just focusing on our physical health and wellness, I decided to expand it to our overall wellness and challenge them to pay it forward.  I didn’t tell them how or what to do, but to just find a way to make someone else’s day a little better.  Anytime you can bring a smile to someone’s day results in a win-win situation.  I actually even shared the idea, along with the above photo, on both my personal and blog FB pages as well.

Little did I know how ridiculously amazing my Friday would become.

My meetings wrapped up around 11am so I took the extra free time and traveled to Jordan Creek Mall for a little me time.   One of my first stops ended up being Starbucks with the idea to pay it forward by purchasing coffee for the person standing behind me.   While in line I noticed the gal immediately behind me had a gift card so I decided to hold off on purchasing hers and instead picked up a $5 card to pass on to someone else.  While waiting for my order several other folks got in line, but no one that I seemed drawn to.  It was only when I was walking out that a mother pushing a stroller with her little baby caught my eye.  Her stroller actually got nudged in my way a bit as I was making my way out of the store and she immediately apologized.  I stopped and asked if she was heading into Starbucks, to which she answered yes.  I then told her I wanted to pay it forward to someone that day and that I was choosing her.  She looked at me in astonishment and said “Really? Oh, thank you.”.

Her smile and that moment totally made my day.

I passed the card over, told her to enjoy her coffee and turned to go on my way.


Thanks Starbucks for helping me pass on a smile.

After I left Starbucks, I made my way over to Express to browse and of course found a portfolio dress and a couple pairs of earrings right off the bat. (Express never fails me)

The dress alone was tagged at $88.   All of my items should have added up to $140ish after taxes.

Want to know what I paid?


The dress was on clearance (no tags indicating that) as was one of the pairs of earrings.  Didn’t have any idea until at the register.   Seriously.  Did that just happen?   I also had just returned a pair of running shoes for a different pair and saved $90 on those.  This day was turning out to be pretty darn spectacular if you ask me!



I called my day a success and headed back towards Homaha.   A good 2 hours of loud music, open road and sunny skies.  It was perfect.

Once home I was greeted with this cute fella and a backyard ready for cement.  I love the formation he chose to do.  Sometimes he has a pretty cool vision that I don’t understand until laid out in front of me.  I dig it!



Then the mail came!  GUESS WHAT GOT DELIVERED?!


My soon to be new saddlebags!  Hell yes!!   Now for it to warm up a bit so Clint can get these suckers painted. 🙂


Also in the mail….this.


Hands down the greatest, most heartfelt gift I’ve received in a while.   Of course from my bestie, Kayla.  She knew how nervous I was and how much self-doubt I was pumping myself full of before my audition. (<– link)  But, she, in return, pumped me full of positive chats and encouragement.   That phone call to Kayla the night I auditioned was hands down the most exciting phone call to make.   She shared that excitement right along with me.  Very cool moment.  This gift is absolutely perfect.  Thank you, Kayla.  Thank you. ❤

Again… I had no idea just how freaking awesome this Friday was going to be.

So, moving on with the day, Clint and I decided on taco’s for dinner, so a quick trip to the grocery store turned out to be an entertaining one.  You guys… I might seriously start a new feature on the blog showcasing the conversations I have when I wear my Insanity Instructor jacket.

Yep… you remember the first conversation, right?  (Find it here).  Well, tonight’s story led to a fun conversation with a fella named Shawn.   Shawn stopped me in the popcorn aisle with the line:

“Excuse me, but, I just have to say that you are absolutely striking.”

I graciously thanked him, shook his hand and thus began the Q&A session of what Insanity is, how I became an instructor, where I teach, etc.  And then this question happened…

Are you single?


<Cue awkward moment for poor Shawn>

 No, my friend I am not.

He then congratulated the lucky fella (who was at home) and told me to have a wonderful evening.

Likewise, my new friend.  

And kuddos to you for having the guts to ask.

This jacket.   It really does bring out some fabulous conversations.  .



The Friday just keeps getting better because as I was making dinner my mom and step-dad walk in the door!  SURPRISE!  They had a few minutes to kill before attending the Omaha Symphony, so they just decided to swing by and say hello. I love visitors! 🙂




You can’t tell Clint’s been playing in the mud all day at all!


And then it was time for a delicious dinner, chats with my hubby and now sweet sweet bed.



Who knew my Friday would actually turn into a ridiculously amazing day?  I mean, I knew it was going to be a good one.  Most days are what you make of them, right?   But this day.  THIS FRIDAY, just turned into a straight up spectacular one.


Friday Faves

Happy Friday to you!  We have a weekend of traveling for a 60th wedding anniversary celebration and a family dinner.  I hoe you all have a fun weekend planned as well!

My Friday Faves

1) TurboKick.   I have mentioned before that I teach this class four times a week at the local YMCA.  My last class for the week is on Friday’s from 4:30-5:15pm.  It is always interesting to guess the attendance for the day.  Happy Hour is TOUGH competition, y’all.


2. Starbucks.  I treat myself on Friday’s to a Caramel Frapp.  MY FAVE!!!  Sugar free syrup, non-fat milk, no whip, please.


3. Too Faced Primed and Poreless.

I use this primer everyday underneath my foundation.  Lifesaver for those who tend to get oily as the day passes by.  By the end of the workday my foundation is still set in place with minimum shine since I started using this product.


4. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Along the same lines as the Primer, the Shadow Insurance is just for your eyes.  Do you get that ugly eyeshadow crease?  You won’t after you start using this product!  My eyeshadow looks great at the end of a 9 hour day, no joke.  And my eyeshadow used to always be creased and slimy looking by lunch time.  This product is magic to me!


5. Scandal

I am COMPLETELY obsessed with this show.  The plot lines, the characters, the suspense, the emotion.  Totally invested in this series and right now I don’t want it to EVER end.


What is your makeup must-have?

Do you have a TV show that you can’t get enough of?

An Appropriate F Word?


Anyone else stoked it is Friday? 

This was a crazy week for me.  I started teaching Turbo Kick at a local YMCA this week.  It has been 6 years since I have taught group fitness classes.  Needless to say, I jumped back in with both feet!  I teach Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:30AM (which means a 4:40AM wake-up call in order to make the 20 minute drive).  OUCH!  I also teach on Wednesday and Friday afternoons at 4:30. 

So far, so good!  Turbo Kick is really intense, incredibly fast paced and contains a lot of choreography, but it is so. much. fun!  And the calories burned are CRAZY TOWN!  I will set my HRM next time I have class just to see how much I am burning.  Especially now that I am talking through the entire thing.   I was so proud of my class today.  They seriously killed it and this was only their second class.  Impressive! 

Friday Fave 1:



I attended TK certification in St. Louis the end of September and I am studying for my AFAA certification in December.  (I let my group ex certification go 6 years ago, so have to study and test for re-cert).  I’ll touch on that another time.


Friday Fave 2:

Random Acts of Kindness.  On Wednesday, I dropped off a mixture of popcorn, candy corn and peanuts in our break room at work.  I just wanted folks to enjoy the snack and know that others appreciate them, so I didn’t tell them who it was from (look closely at my note).  Where my office is located is also where a large chunk of faculty offices are housed.  They work their tails off and since it is mid-term time, things get stressful.    I think they enjoyed the snack.  The bowls were empty by the end of the day.



Friday Fave 3:

This guy.



Even though he woke me up at 4:30AM this morning (and I didn’t have to be up until 6:15!)  Grr.   When he needs out or is over the idea of sleeping, he will come up on my side of the bed and breath heavily into my face until I get up.  Or, he shakes his ears while standing next to the wall so it makes a terribly loud noise.  He does it on purpose for sure.  What a punk.


Friday Fave 5:

Humor.  This sign, located in a bathroom at a bar, in place of a mirror.  Classic.



Happy Friday, all!  Make it a good one.


What are you all doing this fine Friday eve?  Are you one of the above? 😉

Friday Faves

It’s Friday! Finally, finally Friday. And I’m at DJ’s Dugout drinking a beer.

By myself.

That’s cool.

Actually, meeting two friends afterwhile but I was lucky enough to sneak out of work early.

Helloooo tall, semi-dark and handsome.

Friday Fave 1


Another favorite on this fall Friday is Luke Bryan. I CANNOT get enough of his new album. I admit, when Luke first came on the scene, I had a hard time falling in love. Country Girl Shake it For Me just wasn’t cutting it. But, ladies and gents, I can officially say I love the fella now.

A few fave songs from album:

We Run This Town
Drink A Beer
Play it Again
I See You


Friday Fave 2:


Subway. I’d wither away without my Subway. Well, probably not, but I’d be very sad without it.

The new garlic bread?? Yes, please!

Veggie for me. Lettuce, spinach, pickles, olives, onions and sweet onion sauce. Delicious.

Friday Fave 3:


Short post today. My girls are here! I don’t look like a lonely creeper with no friends at the bar anymore! Score!

What are your favorite things on this beautiful Friday?