Friday Faves

Happy Friday to you!  We have a weekend of traveling for a 60th wedding anniversary celebration and a family dinner.  I hoe you all have a fun weekend planned as well!

My Friday Faves

1) TurboKick.   I have mentioned before that I teach this class four times a week at the local YMCA.  My last class for the week is on Friday’s from 4:30-5:15pm.  It is always interesting to guess the attendance for the day.  Happy Hour is TOUGH competition, y’all.


2. Starbucks.  I treat myself on Friday’s to a Caramel Frapp.  MY FAVE!!!  Sugar free syrup, non-fat milk, no whip, please.


3. Too Faced Primed and Poreless.

I use this primer everyday underneath my foundation.  Lifesaver for those who tend to get oily as the day passes by.  By the end of the workday my foundation is still set in place with minimum shine since I started using this product.


4. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Along the same lines as the Primer, the Shadow Insurance is just for your eyes.  Do you get that ugly eyeshadow crease?  You won’t after you start using this product!  My eyeshadow looks great at the end of a 9 hour day, no joke.  And my eyeshadow used to always be creased and slimy looking by lunch time.  This product is magic to me!


5. Scandal

I am COMPLETELY obsessed with this show.  The plot lines, the characters, the suspense, the emotion.  Totally invested in this series and right now I don’t want it to EVER end.


What is your makeup must-have?

Do you have a TV show that you can’t get enough of?

Airports, Delays and Florida

Here I sit, on a Monday night, in the Chicago airport, waiting for my connecting flight home. Of course it would happen that we’re 2 hours delayed… Such is life when at the mercy of the airlines.

My whirlwind weekend trip to Florida started Saturday afternoon with a 2:45 flight out. Goodbye 40 degree weather, hello 80’s and humidity!! Not complaining here!

My trip to Florida was for a national conference and my attendance turned out to be quite beneficial! I have many new ideas swarming around my little brain.

The conference was held at the
Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa. Hello gorgeous!



My room was a villa, an apartment really, if you ask me! I had to walk over that bridge you see above to get back and forth between the main center to my “apartment”. So fun!



Oh, and this little beauty awaited all walkers at the end of the bridge.



Sadly, no gators to be found.

Absolutely stunning resort. Top notch customer service and amenities. If you’re a golfer, this is a must stay for you. It was rated #1 for golf resorts in the Travel and Leisure Magazine. The resort is also less then 3 minutes from the ocean, an added bonus!

Sunday was full of keynote speakers and breakout sessions. No conference would be complete without a dose of Starbucks. Sometimes you just need a caffeinated pick-me-up to get you through those afternoon sessions.


The real fun of Sunday started at 6 when one of my college girlfriends drove over to see me! She currently lives around 2 hours away from Jacksonville, so seeing each other while I was in “town” was a must!

We went to this bar and grill called Pusser’s. Not quite the name I’d choose, but hey, it works! I wonder if I’ll be questioned when I turn in that receipt for reimbursement. 😉


We had some absolutely delicious crab dip and shared our entrees of crab cakes, salmon and coconut shrimp. De.lic.ious.


Highly recommend, even though the name of the place resembles a sort of club that I don’t particularly frequent. =D

We spent a good three hours catching up and reminiscing until we parted ways. So happy it worked out to see her while in the beautiful state of Florida.

And now we are at Monday. A morning filled with speakers and sessions and now a full afternoon of flying and airports. I started AND finished The Fault in our Stars by John Green today. Such a great read! I’ll recap on that at a later date. I am part of a little movie/book club and this was our October read. 🙂

They just announced we will be boarding in 15 minutes. Woot woot! Homeward bound. My husband is just thrilled to be picking me up two hours late.