Finding My Wednesday Happy Moments

I’d like to tell this day to take a hike.  I’m over it.  Moving on.


So without sounding like a whiney, ungrateful, angry, bitter woman tonight, I’m going to focus on the things (mundane or not) that made me happy today.

Here goes.

1. Subway breakfast. Egg white, spinach and provolone cheese on flatbread. Impressed, thoroughly.


2. My chiropractor. He’s awesome. Well, he’s moving up on my likability scale anyway. Still afraid of the weird things they do for adjustments, but after four weeks, the trust is building. Slowly.

I’m still guilty at giving him those “WTF, dude” looks.



3. Down time before teaching TurboKick. The stretching, silence and alone time was welcomed for a little focus and clarity.



4. Coming home to chili and cinnamon rolls. Courtesy of the hubby.  No good pictures.  I inhaled it.  Here is a leftover cinnamon roll for you.  You’re welcome.



5. A good phone chat with one of my besties on my way home from the gym.



6. The view of my Christmas Tree from my comfy couch.



7. And this cute little face peaking up at me from said couch.




And now… my bed.   4:40AM wake up call for my 5:30 AM Turbo Kick Class.


Cheers to a better Thursday.

‘Fit For Christmas’ Kettlebell Circuit and a Turbo Kick Holiday Special

Today I am bringing a new twist to Transformation Tuesday.  Let’s transform ourselves and get Fit For Christmas! 

I will be posting a variety of workouts for you over the next several weeks.  Let’s first start with this one!  Grab a kettle-bell and get your sweat on!


kettlebell circuit

Use an appropriate weight for each exercise.  Kettlebell not needed for Burpees.  That would just be a disaster, ya?  Follow the links for demonstrations.

Fit For Christmas- Kettlebell Circuit!

1. Swings

2. Squats– Hold kettlebel to chest while squatting.  Alter the depth of your squat according to ability

3. Rows– Make sure to do each side for a total of 80 (40 each side).

4. Windmills

5. Clean and Press

6. Deadlifts

7. Bicep Curls

8. Burpees

Do 4 sets of 10 reps.  (make sure on rows, clean and press and curls you do both arms, 10 each set)


For my local peeps:

Turbo Kick Class Special!

My Turbo Kick classes are booming at the YMCA.  Super exciting!  I had the highest attendance yet during my morning class.  I joked with them that they were all feeling guilty from over indulging this Thanksgiving weekend. 😉

I am adding on two additional classes starting in January at the institution I work for.  If you live near Council Bluffs, IA and want to try out a Turbo Kick class, you have 6 options!

Holiday Special for the IWCC location is:  14 classes for only $20! 

You must sign up before December 18th to lock in the deal!  IWCC location only.  Register soon!  YMCA classes at the bottom of the flyer are FREE classes with your paid gym membership.  Sweet!



Do you like working out with kettlebells?

Have you taken Turbo Kick before?

An Appropriate F Word?


Anyone else stoked it is Friday? 

This was a crazy week for me.  I started teaching Turbo Kick at a local YMCA this week.  It has been 6 years since I have taught group fitness classes.  Needless to say, I jumped back in with both feet!  I teach Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:30AM (which means a 4:40AM wake-up call in order to make the 20 minute drive).  OUCH!  I also teach on Wednesday and Friday afternoons at 4:30. 

So far, so good!  Turbo Kick is really intense, incredibly fast paced and contains a lot of choreography, but it is so. much. fun!  And the calories burned are CRAZY TOWN!  I will set my HRM next time I have class just to see how much I am burning.  Especially now that I am talking through the entire thing.   I was so proud of my class today.  They seriously killed it and this was only their second class.  Impressive! 

Friday Fave 1:



I attended TK certification in St. Louis the end of September and I am studying for my AFAA certification in December.  (I let my group ex certification go 6 years ago, so have to study and test for re-cert).  I’ll touch on that another time.


Friday Fave 2:

Random Acts of Kindness.  On Wednesday, I dropped off a mixture of popcorn, candy corn and peanuts in our break room at work.  I just wanted folks to enjoy the snack and know that others appreciate them, so I didn’t tell them who it was from (look closely at my note).  Where my office is located is also where a large chunk of faculty offices are housed.  They work their tails off and since it is mid-term time, things get stressful.    I think they enjoyed the snack.  The bowls were empty by the end of the day.



Friday Fave 3:

This guy.



Even though he woke me up at 4:30AM this morning (and I didn’t have to be up until 6:15!)  Grr.   When he needs out or is over the idea of sleeping, he will come up on my side of the bed and breath heavily into my face until I get up.  Or, he shakes his ears while standing next to the wall so it makes a terribly loud noise.  He does it on purpose for sure.  What a punk.


Friday Fave 5:

Humor.  This sign, located in a bathroom at a bar, in place of a mirror.  Classic.



Happy Friday, all!  Make it a good one.


What are you all doing this fine Friday eve?  Are you one of the above? 😉