An Appropriate F Word?


Anyone else stoked it is Friday? 

This was a crazy week for me.  I started teaching Turbo Kick at a local YMCA this week.  It has been 6 years since I have taught group fitness classes.  Needless to say, I jumped back in with both feet!  I teach Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:30AM (which means a 4:40AM wake-up call in order to make the 20 minute drive).  OUCH!  I also teach on Wednesday and Friday afternoons at 4:30. 

So far, so good!  Turbo Kick is really intense, incredibly fast paced and contains a lot of choreography, but it is so. much. fun!  And the calories burned are CRAZY TOWN!  I will set my HRM next time I have class just to see how much I am burning.  Especially now that I am talking through the entire thing.   I was so proud of my class today.  They seriously killed it and this was only their second class.  Impressive! 

Friday Fave 1:



I attended TK certification in St. Louis the end of September and I am studying for my AFAA certification in December.  (I let my group ex certification go 6 years ago, so have to study and test for re-cert).  I’ll touch on that another time.


Friday Fave 2:

Random Acts of Kindness.  On Wednesday, I dropped off a mixture of popcorn, candy corn and peanuts in our break room at work.  I just wanted folks to enjoy the snack and know that others appreciate them, so I didn’t tell them who it was from (look closely at my note).  Where my office is located is also where a large chunk of faculty offices are housed.  They work their tails off and since it is mid-term time, things get stressful.    I think they enjoyed the snack.  The bowls were empty by the end of the day.



Friday Fave 3:

This guy.



Even though he woke me up at 4:30AM this morning (and I didn’t have to be up until 6:15!)  Grr.   When he needs out or is over the idea of sleeping, he will come up on my side of the bed and breath heavily into my face until I get up.  Or, he shakes his ears while standing next to the wall so it makes a terribly loud noise.  He does it on purpose for sure.  What a punk.


Friday Fave 5:

Humor.  This sign, located in a bathroom at a bar, in place of a mirror.  Classic.



Happy Friday, all!  Make it a good one.


What are you all doing this fine Friday eve?  Are you one of the above? 😉

One thought on “An Appropriate F Word?

  1. So glad you emailed me!! I love love love your pup! And, congrats and returning to the group fit field!!


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