Weekend Happiness and Facebook PDA?!

Happy Sunday, all. I hope everyone is enjoying the ‘extra’ hour today.

The hubby and I were up at 5:45AM.  Seriously….. What the heck?  It is not uncommon for me to be up and going so early, but Clint can sleep FOREVER on the weekends.  Couldn’t believe it when I heard him shuffling down the hallway a little after 6am.   We took advantage of the early hour and went out for breakfast to Jimmy’s Egg.  Um, we may or may not have been the youngest couple at breakfast.

I had the “Almost Healthy Scramble” of egg whites, mushrooms, spinach, turkey sausage over home fries and melted mozzarella cheese on top.  I ate every last bit of it!

jimmy egg

I checked us in on FB with a stupid comment about needing lessons on how to sleep in and of course my hubby and friends had to chime in with their witty comments.

Example 1: “Later we’re going to the mall to walk laps”  ~ Clint.

Sorry folks…..Not. Happening.

#iamnotthatold #norwillieverdothat #ever

The rest of the day has been completely unadventurous.  I almost have all my clothes put away from last weekends laundry day.  Almost.  I have two new loads going now and most of those clothes will stay in the hampers for the rest of the week as well.

Not ashamed to admit that one little bit.


I put a few items on eBay.  Seriously, love that site.  I have had the greatest luck re-selling my Harley clothes when I am finished with them.   Harley-Davidson has upped their fashion sense in the women’s department over the years, which is good and bad. Good for my closet selection, bad for my bank account.  However, re-selling HD items on eBay has proved successful!  Of course, I don’t get near what I paid for them, but I normally get a reasonable price, and someone else is getting a new-to-them Harley shirt.  Win-Win!




Now I am all about some TV watching and Pinteresting Dinner ideas.

Before I go, I will tell you something cute my hubby did today.  Now, as a disclaimer, my husband and I are neither one for a lot of PDA in regards to Facebook.   Normally it drives us both nuts when people are all lovey dovey on FB writing gushy stuff back and forth to their spouse or Significant other.   (I mean, seriously, ya’ll are probably sitting next to each other on the couch, just lean over and tell him/her)

With that said, he came out of left field and put this cute little note on FB today:


For those that wondered how a dumb old tree trimmer like myself scored an awesome girl like Jordy, now you know.




Have a great evening everyone. 

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