900 Miles + Blazing Sun = Happy Heart

This last weekend I took off on my own little adventure through Iowa, just me and my trusty two-wheeled side kick.  It had been a minute since just she and I went on a little adventure, so it was high time!  Of course it was the hottest weekend on record for June.  I mean you literally started sweating just looking outside.  Brutal.  B.R.U.T.A.L.

But, hey.  When the open road calls, I answer.

Friday, June 15th, 10am.  Bags packed, tire pressure checked, oil levels solid.   Time to pack it up and ship on out.   Until my saddle bag handle falls apart ever so nicely in my hands.  I laughed.  Out loud.  Of COURSE this would happen, because why not?  Sigh…   Three pieces held together by 6 itty bitty little screws.  Do you think I can find any of them?   Nope, just one loan ranger that had apparently been hanging on for dear life (and holding my lid on too).  Thanks little buddy.

Operation: fix this shit, stat.

As I am searching through bins in the garage to find replacements Clint calls and says to take his bike. Um, no. This weekend is reserved for me and my girl. His response:  Well, guess you better fix it.  Good luck.

Already on it, good sir.

A little trip to good ol’ Tractor Supply and 30 minutes later, home-girl was on the ROAD!


Destination: Ames, IA for a late lunch with my HS girlfriend, Erin.

Friends, I don’t think I stopped smiling the ENTIRE journey.  Well, except once, in Des Moines.  Traffic was thick, some cute bubbly blonde teenager was on MY ASS, so I turned around and gave her a little piece of my mind, hopped lanes, and went back to smiling.  Spent almost two hours catching up with Erin on personal and professional life, a nice solid hug to close our afternoon out, and back out to the heat I went.

Second time the smile left my face.  That heat hit ya right in the feelers, man.


That frown turned upside down the second I hit Hwy 30 headed East.  Destination: Cedar Rapids, IA to hang with my galpal Cyndi!   She had an ice cold glass of water and a PBR waiting for my arrival and I happily chugged them both.

And then it was off for a fun (and sweltering) photo sesh.

Look at this cutie!!!!!!!!

STOP IT CYNDI!  If you are cool enough to know this chick, you know her laugh is TOP 10!  More to come on that.

We spent an hour or so doing photos and then it was time for drinks, food and music to close out our night.


Saturday hit me like a hangover from hell.  Mind you I had three beers and one vodka over the span of 4 hours.  PBR HATES ME AND IT MAKES ME SO SAD. I mean, come on.  You’re supposed to be my friend, Pabst.  What happened between us?  My head was pounding, my stomach rolling, Cyndi wanted breakfast, I wanted a soda, so I popped some ever-so-faithful Dramamine and Aleve and off we went.  First hill I had to yell at Cyndi to slow down if she didn’t want puke in her car.  Lovely house guest I make!

Anyway… Dr. Pepper saved my ass.  Dramamine is my hero.  We all survived the morning, and it was off for a day in the sun on the AMVET Poker Run!

We cruised north and east for a little over 160 miles.  I met some of her girlfriends, we signed our names to a random wall, we sweat out any and all drinks that went down the hatch and all and all had us a solid day!




Poker Run wrapped up around 4pm with Cyndi winning some hundred dolla bills, y’all… (you just sang that didn’t you?)


4:30pm I peeled off and headed to Ankeny, IA to hit up Whiskey River to see my cousin Erika.  Guys.  4:30pm, heading west, 105 degree index… and I am the genius going straight into the sun.  And guess who didn’t give two shits?  This girl.  Permagrin here to STAY!   My mind was happy.  My heart was full.   This was turning out to be a solid weekend.

6:30pm, drinks and dinner and a few hours of catching up with the gorgeous Erika made for an even happier girl.

And this is where I excel in making plans.   I try not to solidify much until necessary.  I told Erika to pencil me in as I might stay with her, but once 9pm rolled around, I was jonesing to move again.  If you have followed me long enough and know me well, you already know night riding is my absolute favorite time to ride, hands down.

It certainly is the most dangerous, but guys.  Your senses come ALIVE at night.  Your mind becomes sharper, your eyes more alert, the sounds and smells are heightened 10 fold.  It’s magic. Simply magic.  So, 9:15pm I fueled up and pointed my headlight towards Omaha.

And we rolled in just slightly after 11:30.  It was pure bliss.


Father’s Day Sunday and I get a call from my dad jonesing for some open road time and a few beers, and so 20 minutes later I was out the door.   Hair hadn’t been washed in four days.  My face was a collection of at least 6 layers of lotion and sunblock and an additional 3 layers of makeup on makeup.  #killingit

Full disclosure:  Yes, I rolled into bed the second I got home Saturday night.  Sweat and sunblock and road grime and all.  Clint is a lucky… LUCKY man.  HA! #killingitagain

90 miles later I was at dad’s and we hit the road for a mini-southwest Iowa tour of bars.  It was a GREAT day!  As I was telling him about my weekend adventures he said “You are a daring little girl” to my night riding.  To that he followed up with “it’s my favorite too”

Like father, like daughter on that note.  Check!

I decided to peel off at Sidney, IA to head back to the city. I have a college friend staying with us for two weeks and I was in dire need of a shower.  It was when I reached Hwy 34 that the clouds showed their ugly head.

But, I think I had mild excitement at the thought of cold rain hitting my overly tanned shoulders.


I hit it.  And I have made a mental note to get some RainX for my windshield.  We had a few hairy moments on some construction zones.

Clearly, we made it home safe and sound.

And deliriously happy.

My head needed those miles.  My heart needed those miles.  My LIFE needed those miles.

I recently read a quote:

Just because your time is full, doesn’t mean your life is full

Really hits home, doesn’t it?  Once upon a time, my time was full.  Of stuff.  Of work, of training, of teaching as an adjunct for a University, of fitness teaching, of conference calls, of weekend events, of this, of that.  My time/life. was. busy.  My life is still busy as many of the above-listed items I still do, but I am prioritizing appropriately, and condensing the amount of TIME spent on each.  A balance is essential.  I also reflected and eliminated some of those things in my previous life that were once fulfilling, but then after digging deep into my heart and mind… they actually weren’t.  I was missing out on the here and the present with my friends new and old.  I was missing out on things that at the end of my life, I didn’t want to regret.  I want to spend my time, my days, my life with the people and the things that make me feel fulfilled and that I know will make my heart absolutely happy at 90 when I look back on these times.

So, if this quote resonates with you, I encourage you to stop.  Reflect.  Take action on things that are going to fulfill you and your bigger purpose, whatever that may be.  What is going to make you feel proud at the end of the road?

Now, go LIVE!




Weekend Reflection | Just Let it Go

This last weekend was so low-key I almost didn’t think it was Summer 2015.  I have had so many amazing weekends this summer including:

Market to Market Iowa | Fitness Competitions | Memorial Day | Rockfest | Holstein’s Memorial Run | Tree Climbing and a Stumbled Upon Poker Run | Easton Poker Run | Testicle Festival and Jeep Shenanigans | Epic 3 Day Weekend that had to be broken up into not only this first recap but this second one too! | Algona Motorcycle Rally

I almost wasn’t sure what to expect this weekend with not having a straight up crazy agenda.

I mean, I had things… but I didn’t have things.

I even took the opportunity to not use my camera phone so gosh darn much.  It’s nice to take a break from it and just rely on the memories sometimes.


  • I hit up the gym by 7am for a quick leg session
  • On the road to Clarinda by 9am
  • 10:30 hair appointment by the Great and Wonderful Kayla
  • Quick visit with my mom and Dave
  • 1pm lunch and a few cocktails with Nicole and Kayla
  • A two hour mid-afternoon visit with my dad
    • Keith… BurrHead… The man that frustrates me almost as much as I love him

I sure do love him.

Sometimes, I elude to “things” on my blog, but don’t actually elaborate.  There are times I want to write my heart out on certain subjects, but I don’t.   It’s been an embarrassing amount of time since I have stopped to see my father.  A few years embarrassing.    Life happens.  Life has happened.  There were “things” in this relationship that I have held on to that anger me.  Made me bitter and sad.

And that is just straight up stupid.

I really try not to hold grudges or live in the past.   I really don’t.   I make an effort to live in the now, the present and cherish all past, present and future experiences, no matter good, bad or indifferent.    It was HIGH time I let this whole “thing” go.

So, I stopped by.

And, boy am I ever so glad I did.

We talked.  About nothing really.   Just sat around to shoot the shit.  Walked around outside.  Played fetch with the dog.   Had a beer or two.

And you know what?

I left dad’s house feeling light.


                  Worry free.

Like I was 10 years old and just spent an epic day at an amusement park and was hyped up on cotton candy and soda, kinda happy.


Life is too short to hold grudges.   Let that shit go.   Forgive, forget and move the hell on.  You’ll thank yourself.

I am still thanking myself today.



I stopped over to see my Aunt and Uncle after dad’s, since the whole side of the G family lives on the same road.   Good ol farm family living right there. 😉

 I always enjoy stopping to see them.   They are home to me.   I am always happy there.  Feel safe there.  Know that I am 110% loved there.

And they always try to feed me full of beer and food, so there’s that too.


Saturday ended up being straight up fabulous.

I took the Freedom Panels out of the Jeep before leaving C-town, cranked the music, breathed in all the good for my 90 mile drive home…

… And let the rest go.






I had a wonderful conversation with a friend last week about life and what it means to truly live.

The older I get, the more important living life to its full potential is to me.


Life is all about moments

How we live those moments is when we begin to truly exist


I believe we move past just existing and truly begin living when we start:




taking risks

creating memories

cherishing others

cherising moments

smelling the roses


counting stars

focusing on being present at every moment

living without regrets

living life to its full potential

loving others for who they are

loving ourselves for who we are


Each day, in every activity, take a moment to be thankful.

Live that moment ~ Make the most out of that moment ~ for it will never happen again.



Why I Ride



Freedom, self-determination, choice, inspiration, therapy, camaraderie, dad, LOVE, empowerment.

Freedom from my thoughts and worries. Nothing is more freeing than the feeling of the wind against my face, an open road and the sound of a Harley.




Self-determination focus, strength of mind, control
Choice Freedom of choice.  The choice to take the risk of riding two wheels. A risk that empowers me every time I roll that throttle.


InspirationTo be inspired.  Riding clears the cobwebs and allows for new ideas and sense of purpose.  To inspire others.  Giving women a reason to go out there and do it for themselves.




TherapyNo therapist can give you the kind of peace, serenity or clarity that comes with riding through the countryside, down tree lined roads, over rolling hills and riding into a sunset.
CamaraderieNothing is better than a biker community. You find some of your best and longest lasting friendships among bikers.  They are Family.
DadHarley Davidson was/is/and always will be my connection to my dad and is the one bond that will never be broken. Dad: Live to Ride~Ride to Live
LOVE–  For love.  Love of riding.  Love of life.  Loving Me.  Love for us.
Empowerment With freedom, clarity, focus and determination comes empowerment.  Two wheels and a few miles is sometimes all we need.