3 Day Weekend | Part 2

I definitely closed out June with a bang.  Part One found here.  And now for Part Two…


Just like a real life Thelma and Louise <- link up to Miranda and Carrie Somethin’ Bad


Woke up fairly early to get in a jog (a whole 2 miles y’all… careful now!) and was also able to get in a few errands while Clint changed my oil and air filter on the ol’ Harley.

My gosh he’s so good to me.  ❤



11:30am: Tyree and I were off to the Bikers for Boobies run, benefiting women with breast cancer.  The organizers of this event always donate the poker run entry fees to women currently battling breast cancer.  Always feels good to donate money to a cause so worthy.

First stop – Victory Bar and Grill, Council Bluffs, IA

And so it begins…



We met two new cool chicks, Terry and Tracy who rode along with us to stop two: Twisted Tail in BeeBee Town.


And then this is where our plans derailed.   As we were leaving Bee Bee town headed to Loess Hills Harley Davidson (stop 3) I noticed my bike shimmying when I’d round the curves.  The first time I noticed it I thought it might just be the road.  Going into curve two I had to grip a little tighter to keep the front wheel straight.  I slowed up a bit and motioned for Tyree to come up next to me so I could ask if she was getting that feeling.  She wasn’t feeling anything out of the ordinary which lead me to believe there was something going on with my bike, but we continued on anyway.   Nothing I could do at that point and I still had control.  There happened to be a group of bikes in front of us that were riding slow, only going through corners about 50 mph.  On a normal day, I would find this highly annoying.  :/ Curves are FUN to lean into at a decent speed.  I think it honestly was a blessing in disguise this time.   It forced me to slow my roll.   Once in Council Bluffs while sitting at a stop sign, Tyree noticed my back tire was pretty low.


We rolled into a gas station and sure enough, found a nail.   I am very thankful the leak was slow and it didn’t go flat out on the road.  We all know how unfortunate of a situation that could have been.   And no, mom, the shimmying wasn’t terrible and I wasn’t in immediate danger.   Slowing up allowed for more control and she still had air in it… just not as much as it should.  All is good. 🙂

And this is, again, where  I proclaim again how awesome Clint is.   Gave him a call, he told me to hang tight and he’d be right over to plug the tire.

In the meantime…



Anyone up for a game of “You’re on Candid Camera?”



And then:


He pulled the nail, plugged the hole and then so graciously followed us to Stop 3 at Loess Hills HD!

What a guy.

Side note: Ever wonder how girls get ready while out on motorcycles?   We use each others sunglasses.  Duh!



Etsy for the win on these shirts.  Love that little slice of internet heaven.

Before we left Loess Hills we made a quick check of the tire pressure and sadly found I was down 10lbs.   We made the decision to call it a day, filled the tire back up and headed to Omaha for a brief stop at the 21st Saloon for a few quick drinks.



And then we swapped out wheels for the Jeep and it was on to Night Three of Country on the River!


Dear incredibly tall and drunk couple standing directly in front of me,

               Your making out was a little over the top.  Please enjoy the concert next time and keep the love fest to the back of the room.


                                                    The people behind you trying to enjoy the Concert



We had a blast dancing and singing along with Thomas Rhett and The Band Perry.

What an incredible ending to a three day run!




Clint and I are headed to Algona for the Freedom Rally over the 4th of July, so we used the morning to get our trailer out of storage and do a once over on all it’s belongings.   I don’t think we made it anywhere last year to camp, which means our tent and air mattress and everything else has been sealed for almost two years.   That is a little frightening.


Lucky for us, there were no foul smells coming out of it which means it was sealed up tight.  Thank goodness!    The fun part of unpacking is finding things you totally forgot you had in there!  Like this cute little HD grill.


We set up the tent to make sure we had all necessary parts:


And the air mattress to ensure no holes:


I volunteered to test it out. 😉  Rough day of work I tell ya.

After we had all the items tested, tore back down and packed back in the trailer, Clint took my back tire off so I could take it on up to Butterfield’s for a new inner tube.   Time to get that baby fixed!  The tire itself has life left to live, so we won’t be needing a new one of those quite yet.  Thank goodness!  That is definitely not in my budget right now.


And this is where she sits… What a sad looking baby.

But, Clint is ready to rock ‘n roll!

algona ready

Super stoked for this Rally.   We haven’t been to a local rally since Conesville shut down a few years ago.  Completely bummed about that one.  I am sure Algona will make up for lost time! 🙂

After I dropped my tire off to the boys at Butterfield’s, I set out for an afternoon jog at Zorinsky.  Figured I could use a good sweat to rid my body of it’s weekend toxins.

AKA: Booze


From the looks of mile 1 and 2 split times, it seems to me that a weekend of booze gives you wings!

…And then mile 3 hit.

I walked a couple times.

My lungs were telling me to slow the hell down.

My legs were crying

And my sweat smelled of beer.  And vodka.  And hotdogs.

Ya, I was getting rid of the toxic weekend alright.


I did end up doing 4 miles but stopped the app from tracking.  It was definitely a walk/jog kinda stretch. Don’t judge!  At least I was out there after this crazy weekend.   What did YOU do on Sunday to break a sweat?


Lazy bums.


Cheers to a fabulous week ahead!

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